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Rand Paul Puts COVID Death Toll Squarely At Fauci’s Feet (VIDEO)

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Until the day that Biden took office, the left was frantically tattooing the COVID death toll across Trump’s forehead. Now that Biden’s body count is higher than Trump’s, they’ve stopped playing that game.

Biden, whether he’s smart enough to realize it or not, just nullified his own accusations against Trump by announcing that there is ‘no federal solution’ to the COVID crisis, and putting the responsibility for responding (and blame for failure) squarely in the hands of the state.

So much of our medical policy rests in the hands of the state, which is how Cuomo got to pass his granny-killer policies.

But still, Operation Warp Speed threw the considerable resources of our federal government behind driving solutions to the national crisis.

Unfortunately for America, the bureaucrat and scientific advisor entrusted with this task was an arrogant ideologue. That personal moral failing of Anthony Fauci led to a series of catastrophic decisions that many Americans paid for with their lives.

That was a topic of discussion between Rand and Ron Paul.

Here’s the short clip.

For those who have trouble viewing the embedded tweet, we have the full 30 minute video here:

Fauci repeated the exact same mistake he made when he was quarterbacking the AIDS response. He all but ignored therapeutics while single-mindedly chasing the holy grail of a vaccine.

Meanwhile, in both instances, people who were already infected kepty dying.

Fauci could have saved tens of thousands of lives by emphasizing the need for beginning treatment (treatments like monoclonal antibodies or steroids) within the window of the first few days.

Instead of that, he used his platform to talk about masks, vaccines, lockdowns, and passports.

That decision cost lives. And that’s without even going into any conversation about Fauci’s culpability for sending gain-of-funding funding to Wuhan in the first place.

What other decisions cost lives? His refusal to account for natural immunity. You can watch the video to see the details.

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