If You Think COVID Is The Only Place The FDA Killed Their Credibility … Consider Abortion Pills

Written by Wes Walker on December 29, 2021

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They scream ‘believe the science’ as if trust is something that can be coerced and not earned. If they wanted our trust, they should never have undermined it.

Political agendas vs public service

The FBI got caught with their hand in the cookie jar in Crossfire Hurricane, and again with the Gretchen Whitmer case. Is there any wonder we doubt their credibility when they arrest people for trespassing at the Capitol while refusing to arrest Ray Epps, who is one of the known instigators? They have bastardized their mandate by putting politics ahead of justice.

Corrupting the science

It wasn’t long before public confidence in allegedly non-political agencies was called into question. As one example, here’s the wording of one clause in a pdf petition to slow down the move from Emergency Use Authorization to Full Approval without going through the various strict testing protocols other vaccines are subject to … including, notably, conflict-of-interest

Like mandates, approving a medical product in order to bolster public confidence is backward logic and is outside the FDA’s purview. Approving before substantial evidence that population-based evidence of clinical effectiveness is superior to harms may contribute to public wariness and hesitancy, not only about COVID-19 vaccines, but other vaccines and public health authorities more broadly. An approval may bolster public confidence, but it is not a valid reason to approve.

When political agendas are prioritized above scientific protocols, trust in the objectivity of those scientific institutions will suffer.

Did FDA politicize approval of the aboriton pill?

The Food and Drug Administration relied on incomplete data to reach its determination that it is safe to deregulate chemical abortion pills, according to medical studies.

FDA officials brushed aside concerns that women who obtain chemical abortion pills without an in-person doctor visit might put their health at risk. The agency did so by pointing to its Adverse Event Reporting System, which catalogues deaths and other side effects from abortion drugs like mifepristone. That government database, however, fails to encompass the actual number of serious medical incidents—the FDA does not require emergency rooms to report adverse effects from the drug. Medical studies show that thousands of women annually end up in emergency rooms after taking mifepristone. None of their cases are guaranteed to show up in government data.

The reporting system relies on data submitted by the makers of chemical abortion pills, who in turn gather data from doctors who prescribe the drugs. And a new study published this week shows the FDA reports a fraction of the data it is required to collect. Three board-certified OB-GYNs found that adverse effects reported by Planned Parenthood did not show up in the FDA database. In 2009 and 2010, for example, Planned Parenthood reported 1,530 adverse events in women who received mifepristone. The doctors found the FDA database for that time period only showed 664 complications.

Experts say the result makes chemical abortion pills seem far safer than they actually are. Dr. James Studnicki, a former medical school professor at Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina, said the real number of adverse effects dwarfs the FDA’s estimate. But he says the agency shows no sign it cares whether its data are accurate.

“If you don’t want to find something, then don’t look for it and pretend you’re looking,” Studnicki told the Washington Free Beacon. —WashingtonFreeBeacon

Emergency Room visits and the abortion pill

ClashDaily reported on a related story about a month ago. Emergency Room Visits And The Morning After Pill — Here’s What You Need To Know

Share this little study for any ‘believe the science’ friends who think Abortion is a great idea.

A new study released this week by the Charlotte Lozier Institute adds weight to the growing body of evidence emphasizing the need for abortion pill safety protocols. The longitudinal cohort study showed that the rate of abortion-related emergency room visits following a chemical abortion increased over 500% between 2002 and 2015 within the study population — which included women residing within the 17 states which provide Medicaid funding for abortion who were over 13 years of age, and had an abortion, followed by a trip to the ER within 30 days. — Read More

Remember those abortion protests in Texas where young women were publicly ingesting abortion pills in an effort to ‘stick it’ to pro-lifers?

Would they have been so quick to swallow them down if they knew they were NOT as harmless as Planned Parenthood propagandists told us they were? Probably not.

Maybe they just ‘believed the science’. But was that unquestioning trust misplaced?

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