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HEY CNN: Will Don Lemon Follow Cuomo Out The Door For His Smollett Interference?

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Social media drones on the left used the firing of Fredo Cuomo as a talking point to declare moral high ground. Now’s CNN’s chance to prove it.

It’s easy to throw someone overboard when they stop being politically useful to you. With the sun setting on the (generational) political power of Andrew Cuomo, it’s easy to cut loose a liability like his brother Chris.

But Chris is NOT the only member of CNN’s primetime lineup facing allegations of abusing his position and contacts in the newsroom to interfere in an investigation.

It’s put up or shut up time over at CNN.

Did Don Lemon And Chris Cuomo Make The Same Ethics Violation?

Just days after the door slammed shut on Chris Cuomo, the guy whose show followed Chris’s faces similar allegations. In Lemon’s case, his involvement was (allegedly) in what has come to be called the Jussie Smollett hoax.

It’s coming from the testimony of Jussie Smollett himself.

In his court testimony on Monday, Smollett, 39, said under oath that during the investigation, he received a text from the network’s Don Lemon — supposedly relaying information that the CPD didn’t believe his account of what happened, Fox News’ Matt Finn reported from the Windy City courthouse where prosecutors and Smollett’s defense team are at odds.

Lemon told his viewers at the time that the story was “personal” since he and Smollett had been acquaintances and were in constant communication since the alleged incident and that Smollett told Lemon what he said had happened to him, which he admitted raised lots of questions. — FoxNews

It sure looks like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo misused their power in very similar ways to help people they had personal connections to when they were facing legal difficulty.

Since a lot has happened in the couple of years that followed, let’s briefly recap.

Smollett And Sandmann, A Quick Look Back

The original Smollett incident was an interesting case study in media bias because the world watched as it played out in real-time alongside the media firestorm around Nick Sandmann.

They rushed to condemn the teenage boy who had done nothing wrong in the face of ongoing provocation by several adults with racial and or ideological axes to grind at the same time that they rushed to the defense of Jussie Smollet comforting him and demanding something be done about the bigots who had allegedly jumped Jussie. A noose was involved, and he very publicly went to the hospital.

Ordinary people had their BS meters pinging immediately. But corporate media, and the rest of the left generally, wound up on the wrong side of both incidents specifically because of their biases.

But What If Cuomo Was Fired For More Than Helping His Brother

Defenders of Don Lemon might rightly look back and say, but Cuomo’s firing involved more than just running political interference for his brother. Don’t forget about the MeToo allegations that have come up about Chris.

That’s a fair point. Chris DID have some MeToo allegations come up.

Were these allegations previously known to management or not? If not, was he protected from them until Chris had become political dead weight like so many famous people were? Only the insiders will really know about that.

Either way, his questionable sexual advances among coworkers — like those of his brother Andrew — were by no means a stunning new revelation. But they have recently been becoming public.

Is Don Lemon’s MeToo Past Really So Different From Cuomo’s?

The difference in this situation between Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo might well be the additional MeToo allegations faced by Chris.

But does Don Lemon get a pass for his own history?

Are we expected to pretend we don’t all know about the future court case where Don Lemon will have to face his accuser?

In 2019, the openly gay Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Don Lemon, accusing the CNN host of shoving his hands down his pants, rubbing his genitals, and then thrusting his fingers into Hice’s face. The alleged incident occurred at a bar on New York’s Long Island.

Hice reportedly said of the incident on the Fox show Waters’ World, “…And shoved his fingers up under my nose, pushed my head back, and asked me if I liked p—- or d—. I’m not going to say it. And I was disgusted, as you can assume, and I fled the bar.”

… ““This is who they [CNN] are. They’re a predator-protecting machine, they slander and smear victims with impunity,” Hice added.

…“They’ve tried to grind me down, they’ve attempted to intimidate witnesses in my case, they’ve released confidential information about me in an attempt to doxx me. They are complicit. This is who they are,” Hice said. —Breitbart

Hice could have quietly settled if all he wanted was a payday, since CNN tried to settle multiple times. But Hice wants his day in court.

If this is happening in the background at the very same time that the legal team recommends Cuomo gets very publicly fired, it raises a whole new interesting set of questions, don’t you think?

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