Fredo Cuomo’s Bad News Just Got Worse… First He’s Fired, Now He Faces MeToo Allegations

Written by Wes Walker on December 6, 2021

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What a difference a year makes. One year after being ‘top of the world’ during their tag-team COVID coverage, both Cuomo brothers left their jobs in disgrace.

When CNN was forced to finally face up to the conflicts of interest between Chris (Fredo) Cuomo and his brother Andrew, they ‘benched’ Chris while they looked into it.

Since this is the network has a storied history of sucking up to greaseballs like Avenatti and Jim Comey, and worse still, took back Toobin after masturbating on camera — on company time — expectations that he would face any serious consequences were pretty low.

Imagine our surprise when poor Fredo was kicked to the curb.

CNN consulted with their legal team and decided they had to let him go ‘after additional information came to light’. Or that’s how they framed it in the story.

But, as Paul Harvey used to say, now we know the rest of the story. We now know what that ‘additional information’ is… and it comes with a heavy dose of irony.

Remember that Fredo was abusing his position to help Andrew get ahead of sexual misconduct allegations by women he had worked with, right? And he was helping Andrew’s staff craft strategy and write the messaging in how to get ahead.

There’s no possible way that CNN became aware that Chris would be facing the exact same sort of sexual misconduct allegations that he was trying to help his brother sidestep, is there?


A former co-worker of Chris Cuomo made a sexual misconduct allegation against the former CNN anchor, who was fired Saturday for misleading the cable network about the extent of the role he played trying to mitigate the sexual harassment accusations that took down his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

A well known employment lawyer who represents the accuser contacted CNN Wednesday to tell them of the allegation, according to The New York Times.

The disclosure came as an outside law firm was probing new documents released by by New York’s top prosecutor Monday that suggested the younger Cuomo was more involved trying to control damage to his brother’s political career than he previously said. — New York Post

Remember when those two brothers were riffing about their dear old ma on tv last year, and about which brother she loves best?

Won’t she be so proud of what her boys have done with the family name?

Janice Dean who has been a pitbull on that family ever since they got away with policies that killed many elderly New Yorkers — including her husband’s parents — weighed in.

Brian Stelter is waxing philosophical on how great they are for dealing with Cuomo as he deserved. He thinks, so, does he? Has he forgotten about Don Lemon? Lemon was credibly accused of shoving his hand down his pants and making a bartender smell them.

Here’s a chicken/egg question for you…

Chris Cuomo, Jeffrey Toobin, Don Lemon have all worked for CNN, and have managed to (allegedly) disgrace themselves … each in their own way.

Is having some kind of maladaptive sexual behavior a requirement for working there, or has the place become so corrupt that it just attracts the worst sort of people?

From the top of the world to out on their keister in disgrace.

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