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J.K. Rowling Bravely Said The Unsayable, Again … Alphabet Left Is Predictably Outraged

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ClashDaily has always predicted that breaking people into smaller and smaller interest groups will eventually bring those groups into conflict. Rowling is the latest proof of concept.

Academics have argued whether modern society was better predicted by Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World.

Here’s another suggestion to add to that list, Hans Christian Andersen’ Emporer’s New Clothes. In his story, telling the truth can cost you your place in society. Sound familiar?

As recently as Obama’s administration, we were told that opening bathrooms to people of the opposite genders was absolutely necessary to protect the safety of an interest group we hadn’t heard a peep out of until the second the left declared a victory in the same-sex marriage debate.

Just a few short years later, we have school boards lying to the public and concealing the rapes (plural) of female students in their own washrooms by ‘a boy in a skirt’.

We are hearing horrifying stories like this one.

A serial killer whose victims were all women and a registered sex offender who raped a female minor before transitioning were among the six male criminals who were transferred to the prison during Fleming’s tenure.

Prisoner Donna Perry, formerly known as Douglas Perry, was convicted of killing three sex workers. Before being charged, Perry reportedly traveled to Thailand to undergo gender-reassignment surgery. Prosecutors argued in court that Perry had the procedures done to avoid suspicion for the murders he committed.

Another inmate, Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love, formerly known as Hobby Bingham, was sentenced to jail time after he was found guilty of having sex with a twelve-year-old girl. After claiming to be a woman, Andromeda Love successfully secured a transfer to the women’s prison. — NationalReview

There are even cases of female guards being raped by the allegedly female inmates. Rowling, herself a staunch feminist, has made the news for recting strongly the rights and concerns of women being swept under the rug. She’s outraged that the needs and concerns of another group that scores higher on the victim hierarchy has been squeezing women’s issues out.

Victimology is a zero-sum game, and she has learned the hard way that women are yesterday’s championed group. When women’s rights and trans rights come in conflict, anyone failing to join the new bandwagon can and will be demonized as an evil oppressor. That’s how this musical chairs games of oppression is played.

Rowling, to her credit, isn’t backing down. Having enough ‘eff you’ money that you could buy a small country makes that easier, but even in her social strata, others have lacked the cojones to speak as freely as she has:

The reference she’s making, obviously, is to Orwell’s 1984. The War/Peace, Freedom/Slavery, Ignorance/Strength slogans came right out of the infamous ‘Ministry of Truth’.

But the fact remains that we’re not merely supposed to parrot the NewSpeak like the characters in 1984 were. We’re not even allowed to acknowledge the issues themselves.

For example, note the denials in the following story where real women were the real victims of crimes due to the neglect of a ‘woke’ penal system:

A female inmate in California is now reportedly pregnant after women’s prisons were forced to accept biological male prisoners claiming to be women. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, however, is denying that anyone got pregnant while in prison.

The Blaze reported that a liberal women’s organization, Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), has reported that at least one woman has become pregnant following California’s law that allows men to identify as women and get sent to a women’s prison – even if they were in prison for violence against women. WoLF tweeted last week that “seven different people inside CCWF” have said “at least one woman, possibly more, is now pregnant after being housed with a male felon who was transferred to the women’s prison under” the new law.

“Our connections tell us that at least 3 of the men have now been moved to Administrative Segregation. (Because this is private health data, we’re not currently able to confirm any more than this,)” the organization added. —DailyWire

So while Rowling is right about the coercive use of language, the bigger issue stems from people on her own side of the political aisle demanding the right to rewrite reality itself.

She’s only waking up to this now that it’s touching an issue she cares about. But the societal gangrene behind it is no different than it has always been, even when she agreed with it.

We commend her newfound courage in this fight.

But better than that, we invite bold women to be badasses who stand on the solid ground of eternal, unshakable principles that won’t endlessly shift with the sands of political correctness.

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