LAWSUIT: Mark Meadows Taking 1/6 Kangaroo Court Jesters Before A REAL Judge

Written by Wes Walker on December 10, 2021

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In a pretense of defending America from the ‘threat’ of Donald Trump, the Jan 6 commission has been burning down Constitutional norms in their semi-religious ‘inquisition’ into Trump supporters.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pelosi broke with Congressional norms by refusing to allow the House Minority to appoint their own representatives to the hearings, allowing only hand-picked toadies who had already agreed with Pelosi’s own declaration of Trump’s guilt, they’ve begun wildly misusing their subpoena powers.

Congress, who holds no legitimate police powers, are investigating private individuals with little or no justification, and they are demanding that subpoenaed witnesses potentially break the law and violate legal privilege or face Contempt of Congress charges.

From the very beginning this ‘Commission’ has been tainted by politics, but now? Now, this project looks increasingly like a mafia shakedown or the building of an enemies list and less like any kind of honest, impartial search for answers.

Meadows, who served as White House chief of staff during the waning days of former President Donald Trump’s administration, filed the lawsuit on Wednesday after reversing course on earlier indications that he would cooperate with a subpoena from the committee. Kinzinger, who alongside Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is one of only two Republicans to serve on the committee, reacted to the lawsuit by saying that it “sounds like” Meadows is “trying to delay,” according to The Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell.

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The House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, Pelosi and each individual member including Kinzinger and Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), are named in the lawsuit. The suit claims that the committee does not have the “legal authority” to issue a subpoena to Meadows, who was said to have been acting “in good faith” in his dealings with the committee before being “blindsided” by a letter from his cell phone carrier Verizon on December 4.

The letter from Verizon informed Meadows the company would be turning over all of its data from his personal cell phone that had accumulated from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, by December 15, in the absence of a court order preventing the company from doing so. The lawsuit complains that the “breadth and invasiveness” of the subpoena “gave the appearance of a criminal investigation, not a legislative fact-finding mission.”- NewsWeek

Kinsinger, one of the RINOs Pelosi has used as a fig-leaf of ‘bipartisanship’ has accused Meadows of ‘stalling’.

But why would Pelosi and her lapdog pet Republicans be in such a hurry to push forward that they don’t want to wait for a court’s opinion on whether the information they demand is information they have any right to possess?

Or does this Congressional Kangaroo Court have some kind of a special pass granting them authority to disregard Constitutional Rights afforded in the Fourth Amendment and to override the executive privilege of a separate and equal branch of government?

Then again, what should we expect from a group which has already shown their contempt for the Fifth Amendment by presuming the guilt of a witness who has chosen to invoke their right to remain silent.

This is exactly the same fight Bannon finds himself in… he’s seeking a legal ruling from the judge on whether he can answer those questions without breaking Executive Privilege. He has been criminally charged as a result.

How has Pelosi’s personal star chamber responded to Mark Meadows’s court challenge? Like any weak tyrant might when their absolute authority is challenged. With threats of punishment.

In this case, they’re sicking Garland after him. Since he’s been such a faithful wingman to the radical sockpuppet currently taking up space in the White House, Garland will be sure to bark obediently and carry out the command of his master.

“Mr. Meadows’s flawed lawsuit won’t succeed at slowing down the Select Committee’s investigation or stopping us from getting the information we’re seeking,” the committee said in a statement late Wednesday. “The Select Committee will meet next week to advance a report recommending that the House cite Mr. Meadows for contempt of Congress and refer him to the Department of Justice for prosecution.”

…Meadows’ lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, asks a judge to invalidate two subpoenas that he says are “overly broad and unduly burdensome.” It accuses the committee of overreaching by issuing a subpoena to Verizon for his cell phone records. —FoxNews

Don’t be distracted by the appeals court ruling that Trump has to turn over subpoenaed papers, for two reasons. First, Trump can still appeal it to a higher court. Second, this is a separate case, on that is giving specific reasons that the very invasive and broad-sweeping for information about a citizen’s private and personal phone records.

He would maintain they have wandered WELL beyond their lawful authoirty.

This is the same power-drunk crowd, you may recall, that had shown an appetite for similar abuses of authority during their attempt to deep-six Trump. Crossed A Line: Schiff’s Report Includes Call Records For Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Devin Nunes, And Journalist John Solomon

Time to pray that someone else step up and take over their office. Pronto.

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