MARK STEYN: The Pandemic Was Bad For Us, But Our Response Has Been WORSE (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2021

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Steyn’s intelligent, funny and withering commentary puts him in a class unlike any others. And now, he’s turning his guns on the COVID response of our political overlords.

The virus itself has done a lot of damage, but it can hardly hold a candle to what the experts in their infinite wisdom have done to once-free Western nations.

In this clip, he unloads on the idiocy spanning several continents.

Only he would find a way to smoothly transition from a story about Turkmenistan banning ballet to iron-fisted COVIDictators criminalizing ordinary citizens who just want to go about their lives without the government breathing down their necks.

Oh! How quickly and easily the West has pivoted from ‘it’s for your safety’ to ‘comply… or else’!

Vaccines are mandatory.

And if you don’t comply? There’s a penalty.

Masks in public? Wear them or else — except when you don’t have to.

Are there consequences? You bet.

There’s a LOT of consequences, medical and otherwise. But don’t expect our Corporate TV talking heads to talk about that.

Breast cancer and other cancer statistics? Teen suicides? Plummeting academic achievement? Harm to children’s development?

All of it tied into the way we’ve hidden in our holes, hidden behind masks and lived in grave fear that a virus with a better-than-99% survival rate will come to kill us all.

But because the media and medical tech companies make money on our fear, while politicians can leverage that same fear for the exercise of unaccountable power, the people we should look to for leadership and rational decisions in a sane world are the ones who are spinning the public up into a frenzy of panic.

Is it any wonder the public trust in these same institutions is in freefall?

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