LITERALLY HITLER: Paper Trail Directly Links Xi Jinping To China’s Uighur Genocide

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2021

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The latest document discovery, together with earlier ones, fortifies the credibility of the allegations that Xi’s fingerprints are directly tied to a modern genocide.

It’s something to keep in mind the next time Disney, Bloomberg, the child-abuse ignoring NBA, or Jeff Bezos-owned WaPo scold Americans with self-righteous talking points.

Remember, as we read on, that an Australian group identified 83 international brands (including Nike and Apple) that rely on Uighur slave labor.

[Editor’s Note: Uyghur and Uighur are both common English spellings of the same people group.]

China, not surprisingly, has denied the allegations of human rights abuses. Worse, it has used official Democrat and BLM activist talking points about how evil America as a cudgel to beat down America and hide their own crimes. Blinken even helped them do it with that classic Maoist Struggle session in Alaska.

What Qualifies As A Valid Hitler Comparison?

After four years of Trump being endlessly and baselessly compared to Hitler, and Dubya being BusHitler before that, we all know that Hitler comparisons can be little more than a cheap shortcut to destroy people you don’t like without actually defeating their ideas.

In response, the internet even invented ‘Godwin’s Law’ which states that the first person to invoke Hitler in a social media interaction loses the argument.

There’s a reason that not everyone can be ‘literally Hitler’. Hitler is almost universally hated among the Western world because we realize that the nature and scale of his crimes are well beyond that of even some minor-league authoritarian world leader. While a local serial killer might have been responsible for dozens of murders, Hitler measured his in millions.

There was also the monstrous nature of his malice. He identified specific groups as sub-human and marked them for such atrocities as large-scale destruction, enslavement, and experimentation.

The world domination element of his malevolence can’t easily be overlooked, either.

If someone checks those boxes, someone like yours truly might be on solid ground by drawing a Hitler comparison. Let’s see how well Xi meets those criteria.

Xi’s Damning Documents & The Uighur Genocide

A newly published cache of documents directly links top Chinese leaders including President Xi Jinping to the state’s crackdown on Uyghur Muslims.

…The documents, branded the ‘Xinjiang Papers’, after the region which is home to most of China’s Uyghurs, reveal how Chinese Communist party (CCP) leaders including Mr Xi and Premier Li Keqiang made statements which directly led to policies affecting the Uyghurs and other Muslims.

These include forced internments, mass sterilisations, forced assimilation, “re-education”, and coercion of detained Uyghurs to work in factories.

…In a report on the documents, Dr Zenz said his analysis showed that the links between statements made by top government figures and subsequent policies that were implemented against the Uyghurs were “far more extensive, detailed and significant than previously understood”.

…China has also pursued a strategy of forced labour, by deploying Uyghurs to pick cotton in Xinjiang.

In addition, reports have emerged of China forcibly mass sterilising Uyghur women to suppress the population, separating children from their families, and attempting to break the cultural traditions of the group.

‘Forced to pick cotton.’ You don’t say? Are those 1619 Project peddlers paying attention yet?

Ok, so he’s got millions in detention camps, he’s killing them indiscriminately, and using their free labor to drive his national project. Yeah, that has a familiar ring to it.

What about World Domination?

Well, he’s pretty pissed at countries who have told him he can’t swallow up Taiwan the way he just swallowed up Hong Kong, against the will of the people he swallowed up.

His 100 year anniversary of CCP speech used some pretty aggressive language saying he had every intention of ‘reunifying’ Taiwan (whether they like it or not) under the boot of Communist China.

China has made open threats of raining down a barrage of nukes on Japan if they so much as commit one boot or boat to the defense of Taiwan.

Not only that, but they have encroached on India’s national borders, have harassed the Philippines and their claims to ownership of the South China sea have added an element of general instability to international trade.

The Times of India has drawn a more elaborate case for comparison, from which this is an excerpt.

While Hitler used the muscle power, Xi is using not only muscle power but also economic power to achieve his objective. The debt trap diplomacy, known as the Belt and Road Initiative, is employed to obtain strategic concessions. In addition, Xi is changing the facts on the ground to justify the Chinese claims.

Xi’s heavy reliance on propaganda based on mendicity, misinformation and deceit, appears very close to Hitler’s policy of propaganda. Hitler’s two aims of propaganda were to disrupt the then existing order and fight for the purpose of securing power. Xi has adopted this policy. The Three warfares doctrine is precisely aimed at gaining power and disrupt the existing order. Like Hitler, Xi believes that effective means of psychological campaign could turn lies into truths resulting in the change the perception of people.

Here was a viral video from 2020 mocking ‘Xitler’.

Yeah, I’d say we are on solid ground to condemn him the same way we did Hitler. But even with this moral high ground, don’t expect Biden to take any serious stand against the 21st Century’s heir-apparent to Hitler.

Do we expect any pushback from the Big Guy who was taking his 10% cut from Hunter’s (still-active!) CCP connections?

We needn’t wonder, we have Joe’s own words:

WATCH: President Biden Won’t Speak Out Against China’s Genocide And Other Abuses Because Those Are ‘Cultural Differences’

Future generations will be free to make their judgment on the left and their Corporate-Media-Telecom-Tech empire of today.

From our vantage point, it holds no more moral high ground than the NYTimes of the 1930s and 40s that got a Pulitzer for both praising the Soviets and hiding the Holodomor. And did you know their editors actively suppressed news of the Nazi death camps.

Ignorance will not be a valid defense of the choices they make… any more than german officers claiming they only followed orders.

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