NO DEAL: New Yorker Whose Car Drove Through BLM Marchers Demands Trial, Rejects Plea

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2021

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It takes either great confidence in your innocence or absolute madness to reject a plea deal and go to trial. Either way, this decision will be going to a jury of this NYC motorist’s peers.

How ironic that, just days after the media has forgotten all about the Christmas Parade massacre that was quite possibly racially motivated, we have another case of a car and a crowd coming before the courts.

This time, the facts on the ground are quite different.

Unlike the Christmas Parade massacre where the racist driver found his way into the closed-off parade route before swerving from side to side to hit as many kids and grandmothers as he possibly could and driving away to hide from the police that would be sure to come looking for him, the driver in this other case found herself in a very different situation.

Here is video that seems to fit the timeline, and description of the event in question, note the date, December 11, 2020.

You will see a black sedan moving from left to right across the screen. The driver appears to have a green light at the intersection, while at least one pedestrian appears to be deliberately preventing her from advancing through the intersection. Surrounded by people, she accelerates through the intersection.

New York — especially in tumultuous year of 2020 — had no shortage of examples of just what might go wrong when a group of protesters decided that a car was a worthy target of their wrath.

The State offered Kathleen Casillo, 52, a plea deal of 6 days of community service and a one-year revocation of her drivers’ license.

Here’s the catch. Doing so would require Casillo’s admission that SHE was the guilty party and had done harm to the people illegally blocking the intersection. If that sounds a little like a Maoist Struggle session, it shouldn’t come as a total shock. We did have evidence of BLM founders praising Mao’s Little Red Book, and calling themselves ‘trained Marxists‘, and NYC has officially aligned itself with much of BLMs sloganeering lately.

For so long as our system remains intact, Castillo remains innocent unless the State can PROVE some sort of wrongdoing in how and why she drove through that intersection while the light was green. Kangaroo courts on the internet and TV notwithstanding, this is why we have a court of law.

Casillo is not laying down and taking the guilty plea. And it’s about time more of us used the power of the court for the kind of justice in the sense it was created to support — defense of the innocent and conviction of the guilty. Those who got lingering injuries because they were loitering on a road would likely use such a guilty plea to their benefit in a lawsuit against the driver.

Here’s how this story is already being reported in local news. If you were to look at the photos attached, Kyle Rittenhouse’s name is being invoked in signs held by protestors s though his name is a pejorative. This was a detail the news outlet deemed worth highlighting.

Nearly one year after they were left injured and fleeing for their lives, protesters who were plowed over by a motorist last year gathered on Wednesday, charging they are still awaiting justice.

Many of the demonstrators who strode through the streets in protest of ICE on Dec. 11, 2020, say they can still hear the screams as 52-year-old Kathleen Casillo drove her black BMW Sedan into their march. Casillo, a Queens native, was caught on video sending anti-ICE marchers hurtling through the air when she plowed her vehicle into the procession, leaving at least nine wounded.

Originally, she was given a desk ticket for reckless endangerment, later was charged with reckless assault in the third degree. Casillo was due to make her first court appearance on Dec. 1 at 100 Center Street and the victims of her heavy-footed road rage looked to meet her face-to-face in the courtroom.

Assembling outside the courthouse at 8am on the brisk morning, about 100 protesters stood beside the steps of Manhattan Criminal Court and erected a table adorned with a television. Clutching large photographs of the devastation left on the road that day and signs denouncing Casillo for her actions, the group rewatched footage of the carnage. — AMNY

So to recap, the BLM protesters blocking the road are victims, the motorist is emphasized as being white, and they are using incendiary terms like ‘road rage’ to tilt public opinion in favor of the prosecution, with no regard to the presumption of innocence that the American justice system affords the accused of any color.

This trial isn’t interesting primarly as a legal measure of the guilt or innocence involved in one woman’s decision in a moment of potential conflict.

This trial is interesting because it offers a counterpoint to measure the media bias in the handling of the trial of Darrel Brooks’s Christmas Parade Massacre against the media darlings and protected class of BLM activists.

If this story becomes the newsworthy one, while the other is forgotten, that speaks volumes about what they WANT you to know.

We cannot possibly predict what the jury will decide, but if for no reason but the moxy it takes to roll these dice, we salute her. We could use more of that fighting spirit.

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