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OPERATION SLOTH SPEED: Biden’s New COVID Rollout Nowhere Near What Trump’s Was

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Anybody can be a critic shooting spitballs at the guy in charge. But when Joe’s turn came to make the hard decisions, he just wasn’t up to the task.

When even an expert from John’s Hopkins is openly mocking his announced ‘plan’, that’s an indicator that you’ve officially crapped the bed on this one.

Joe Biden announced his big COVID plan, and had Jen Psaki field questions about it.

The questions she was hit with were not the usual softball sort of questions we’ve seen in the past, probably because of all the fear and hype baked into this question. (Tweet with video can also be seen here if your device doesn’t display it properly.)

Reporter: You don’t yet have a contract, or a contract to announce, you can’t say when the website is going to be up, but some time in a matter of weeks, you can’t say how many tests people are going to be able to order at a time, or whether there will be a limit on them, you can’t say when you will receive the tests or how quickly they will be shipped… but that all of that will happen in a matter of weeks.

Psaki’s answer is entirely predictable. The criticism they’re receiving, however, is not.

Joe Biden has promised to deliver 500 million Covid tests but hasn’t even signed a contract to buy them or set up a website so that people can place orders.

‘That’s not a plan – it’s a hope,’ Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told The New York Times.

‘If those tests came in January and February, that could have an impact, but if they are spread out over 10 to 12 months, I’m not sure what kind of impact it is going to have.’ — DailyMail

I suppose that’s what you get when someone who’s spent basically his entire adult life in political office gladhanding people and telling the pretty lies is suddenly called upon to fill the role of an executive.

By contrast, when the Pandemic dropped on Trump’s lap, he was cutting through red tape like a hot knife through butter. He pre-ordered stockpiles of vaccines from all of the producers, worked out supply line issues, he even had American factories retooling to produce needed items for hospital care — including masks and respirators.

When New York was overwhelmed with cases and Cuomo was ordering Nursing homes to accept sick patients in among the vulnerable elderly, Trump dropped a hospital ship in the harbor to help with overflow — which New York never really used.

Now that deaths under Biden who had access to a full spectrum of vaccines and some viable treatment options has exceeded deaths under Trump who started from zero, those better-than-Trump comparisons are starting to dry up… at least with respect to the Chinavirus.

Maybe Joe just isn’t the leader he thinks he is.

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