UH-OH: Pro Sports League Pulls Out Of Beijing 2022 Over Chinavirus Concerns

Written by Wes Walker on December 22, 2021

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China really wants the Olympics to go ahead on schedule, despite their abhorrent behavior in recent years. If Russia can host an Olympics just before conquering a neighbor, why not China?

There are some problems with the Olympics going ahead as planned. And they’ve got nobody to blame but themselves.

Sure, there are the USUAL issues of people who care about human rights drawing attention to their inhuman treatment of the Ughyurs. And of Tibet. And of Falong Gong. And their growing persecution of Christians. But that’s nothing new.

There are issues surrounding their increasingly obvious intentions of swallowing up Taiwan, whether they like it or not. But hey — nobody said ‘boo’ when they did it to Hong Kong. Of course, the world was a little preoccupied by something else at the time… the Wuhan Chinavirus.

And that last one is the problem that just boomeranged on them.

The Chinese Communist Party has done everything imaginable to signal guilt in their handling of the origins of the pandemic. Documents have been destroyed. Journalists were ejected from the country. People were ‘disappeared’. A whistleblower doctor died. They even threatened a trade war with Australia because they kept asking the ‘wrong’ questions about why China lied, and about their toady at the WHO who clearly lied on their behalf.

That same virus that they unleashed on the world (quite possibly through Fauci/Collins approved and funded gain-of-function research) has a new vaccine-resistant variant peaking at exactly the wrong time.

Now Bertuzzi remains as the single player among hundreds to make that “personal choice.”

Over 100 players are currently on the NHL’s COVID protocol list and games are getting postponed left and right… — Yahoo Sports

The NHL, despite having only a single vaccine holdout, has now decided they want no part of the drama that could surround COVID, quarantine, and lockdowns in China.

As of Dec. 21, the NHL has postponed 50 games because of COVID outbreaks on teams and has paused its season through Christmas. The surge in COVID cases was cited by ESPN as the reason for pulling out.

The NHL has until Jan. 10 to opt out of Olympic participation without financial penalty. A formal announcement from the league is expected within the next 24 hours, according to ESPN.

The dates for the Olympics, which start Feb. 4, could be used for rescheduled NHL games, ESPN said, citing sources it didn’t identify.

The Beijing Olympics have already been rocked by COVID and the diplomatic boycott by the U.S. and some other allies.

An athlete that tests positive for COVID-19 in China will need to produce two negative results 24 hours apart, according to the International Olympic Committee. If they’re unable to do so, they could face a quarantine period between 21 days and five weeks, governed by Chinese law. —NationalPost

Three-to-five WEEKS quarantine? In the middle of the season while teams are jockeying for playoff position?

Yeah — no thanks.

We will shed no tears for China as people find reasons to pull out.

But seeing how Xi has been shaping up to be the closest analog our generation has to an Adolph Hitler currently striding the world stage, we can think of several far better reasons for everyone to reject China as a host nation for something with the unique peaceful competition role in history that the Olympics built its reputation upon.

But the NHL pulling out? Let’s call it ‘a good start’.

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