Biden’s Vaccine-Pushing Message Must’ve Had Big Pharma CEOs Jumping For Joy (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 21, 2021

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As President Biden repeatedly coughed into his hand, he lectured the country on how his administration plans to handle the rapid spread of an airborne respiratory virus.

This president is simply a one-trick pony. His entire plan on how to deal with Xi’s Omicron Variant is more of the same — vaccines and boosters, masks, and tests.

Don’t try a drinking game where you take a drink every time Biden says “vaccine”, “vaccination”, or “booster” because you’re gonna be out by the second minute.

More than half of the brief revolved around vaccines, which is ironic, since it seems like this administration simply wants Americans to submit themselves to a cycle of never-ending vaccination and boosting despite the waning efficacy and the increasing number of “breakthrough” infections. (By the way, how frequently do these positive cases of the ‘Rona occurring in the double and triple-jabbed have to be before we can stop calling them “breakthrough” infections?)

Biden began by saying that if you’re vaxxed and boosted, you have no fear of the Omicron… but if you’re unvaxxed, well, you’re going to get sick and get everyone around you sick.

According to the President, if you’re vaccinated, feel free to celebrate the holidays. If you’re unvaccinated, get the jab or lock yourself away from all of society and embrace the shame that you should be feeling from now until the end of time.

The new framing is only slightly better than the message the administration rolled out last week which was, essentially, God alone help you — your future is looming sickness, pain, despair, death, and damnation for making the morally wrong and unpatriotic choice.

Okay, that isn’t a real Christmas message from the White House, but it’s consistent with how the administration views the unvaxxed.

The Biden White House’s Statement On COVID Is Meaner Than ANY Of Trump’s ‘Mean Tweets’

Watch as he coughs into his hand and then talks about how the unvaccinated are at risk from the variant that has similar symptoms to the common cold.

Weirdly, after talking about how the unvaxxed are more likely to die, Biden tried to dial down the panic, but after the constant COVID fear porn that has been pushed by the Corporate Media, the Democrats — but I repeat myself — and specifically this Administration, it’s going to be a tough sell.

Here’s a look at Biden’s target audience:

(Yes, it’s real, but she’s already shut down replies and it’s only a matter of time before she realizes how psychotic that tweet is.)

Biden said that everyone should be “concerned” but not “panicked” about the Omicron variant that all evidence to date shows is much milder than the previous Delta variant of the China Virus.

Or maybe, we could not be tremendously concerned if we get an unpleasant cold the way that millions of people do every single winter. Just take the same precautions — try not to spread your germs everywhere, don’t go out if you’re sick, and get plenty of rest.

So, the plan from the White House is to get everyone vaccinated and then make everyone get a booster. Isn’t this the same plan that he’s had all along?!

No, actually… he’s federalizing the response. Yes, FEMA rapid responders are going to start being deployed in order to inject people with the mRNA shots. “Yay for Big Government!” cheer the Libs.

As expected, the Biden-Harris administration is now shifting the focus from rising case counts to the severity of illness. Biden said that cases will continue to rise, even among the vaccinated and even in the White House. This comes after it was revealed that a triple-jabbed White House staffer who had been “in close contact” with President Biden on Air Force One tested positive for the China Virus on Monday.

He then spoke about increasing testing. Biden says that the administration will use the Defense Production Act to make an additional half-billion tests but senior White House officials told the New York Times that they won’t be available until January.

The 500 million tests that the administration intends to purchase will not be available until January, the senior officials said, adding that the government intends to create a website where people can request that tests be sent to their homes, free of charge. It was not immediately clear where the tests would come from.

The plan for new federal testing sites will debut in New York City, where several new sites will be running before Christmas. And Mr. Biden intends to continue using the Defense Production Act, officials said, to accelerate production of tests.
Source: New York Times

How will that help if Omicron is already spreading like wildfire?

There were only a couple of interesting moments during the presser.

In a surprising twist, Biden actually gave credit to the Trump Administration for the development of the COVID vaccines.

When answering a question about Manchin nixing the Build Back Better plan, Biden went off on a rant that included a very strange moment where he got angry about fictional parents on minimum wage unable to buy insulin for their child.

By the way, Trump had reduced the cost of insulin for Medicare enrollees to $35 per month, but in his knee-jerk opposition to his predecessor, Biden froze the order.

If you’re upset about the price of insulin, yell to the mirror, old man! Or maybe you could talk to your buddies in Big Pharma that you’re desperately shoveling money at for endless boosters.

Good grief, it was awful.

If you’re from a branch of Christianity that believes that you deserve penance for your sins, or if you’re simply feeling masochistic, you can watch the full presser here:

This isn’t a plan — it’s same old, same old. And how’s that working out?

Someone ought to tell him that doctors around the world have found some treatments that seem to work.

It’s too bad he didn’t mention Monoclonal Antibodies or other treatments.

Ya know, maybe we need to focus on treatment instead of just vaccination, Clueless Joe with the hacking cough and mumbling incoherence.

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