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Chris Wallace Just Announced He’s Leaving Fox News — Is He Heading To CNN? (VIDEO)

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This is one more pretty big change in the world of cable news.

In the past few days, several shake-ups have been announced in cable news — Chris Cuomo was booted from CNN, Brian Williams signed off on his MSNBC show for the last time on Thursday capping off a 28-year career with NBC, and now Chris Wallace is leaving his show Fox News Sunday after 18 years.

“After 18 years, this is my final Fox News Sunday,” Wallace said at the end of the show. “It is the last time, and I say this with real sadness, we will meet like this.”

He added, “I want to try something new, to go beyond politics, to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure, and I hope you’ll check it out.”

Variety reports that Wallace may be disembarking ratings giant Fox News and heading over to the sinking ship that is CNN for their new streaming service.

Two people familiar with the matter suggested Wallace is likely to jump to CNN Plus, the new streaming-video service slated to launch in the first quarter of next year. Spokespersons for CNN could not be recached for immediate comment. Fox News last announced a contract extension for Wallace in 2017, and his current agreement with Fox News is believed to have come to an end.

Fox News Channel is expected to staff the program, which has been an integral part of its programing since 1996, when it was launched with moderator Tony Snow, with a rotation of hosts. Bret Baier, John Roberts, Shannon Bream, Martha MacCallum, Neil Cavuto, Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer are among the network’s news staffers who are likely to take the Sunday seat in weeks to come, according to a person familiar with the matter. “We are extremely proud of our journalism and the stellar team that Chris Wallace was a part of for 18 years. The legacy of ‘Fox News Sunday’ will continue with our star journalists, many of whom will rotate in the position until a permanent host is named,” the network said in a statement…

…CNN has been aggressively hiring for its soon-to-launch streaming effort, a new initiative that comes after many of its rivals have already entered the broadband market. Fox News debuted the subscription-based Fox Nation in 2018, and has since that time launched separate streaming hubs aimed at overseas customers and weather aficionados. NBCUniversal, which backs MSNBC, has also set up a portfolio of streaming products, including bespoke efforts around its “Today” morning franchise; a general-news service, NBC News Now; and a progressive-news outlet, The Choice, that is affiliated with MSNBC. ABC News and CBS News also have their own streaming-news services.
Source: Variety

CNN’s “Media Watchdog” and Eunuch Potato, Brian Stelter, announced that Wallace will be hosting a daily show on CNN+, the new streaming service that will be launching in early 2022.

What’s interesting about this announcement on Tater’s show that followed not long after Wallace’s announcement is that there have been rumors that Chris Wallace had leaked dirt to Stelter for his recent book. Seems like Wallace is getting out while the getting’s good.

was wondering why Fox News was keeping Chris Wallace on the payroll. In a statement from his Save America PAC, Trump wrote in June, "Why does Fox News keep Chris Wallace? His ratings are terrible, he's 'almost' radical left, he was acknowledged to have failed badly as a presidential debate moderator (except for Biden who he totally protected!), and so much else. Usually, these are not the qualities of a long-term stay!"

It seems like "Trumpstrodamus" called it yet again. ****END UPDATE***

Wallace had a reputation for being a "middle of the road" guy that held both sides' feet to the fire... according to the Corporate Media who reside almost exclusively in their tiny, little leftwing bubble.

To Fox News viewers, it was pretty clear that he wasn't as "unbiased" as he was touted to be. That became particularly clear when he moderated a 2020 Presidential debate between Trump and Biden and seemed to be solidly on Team Biden.

Look, Wallace didn't need to go full-on MAGA, but instead of moderating the debate, he joined in and Trump ended up debating two people.

Wallace also failed to call out Biden's blatant lie that Trump hadn't disavowed racists because he has... repeatedly. Over at least two decades.

It's pretty clear that Wallace's views are somewhat out of step with most of the rest of the Fox News hosts, especially the ones that are grabbing the eyeballs.

Besides, Fox already has a bevy of Democrats who voice their opinion pretty regularly -- even on the opinion shows.

It just makes sense that he goes on to other things where he'll perhaps be a better fit with the audience.

If the rumors are wrong and he's not headed over to CNN, perhaps he could offer to do some spin for the "Let's Go Brandon" administration because things don't seem to be going so well right now and they could really use the help.

After all, they're being led by this guy:

"Clean up on Aisle Biden!"

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