WATCH: NY Prof Excitedly Admits Trans Agenda Is Small Part Of This RADICAL Plan

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2021

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Spoiler alert, if you thought Trans activism was primarily about sex, gender, or equality, you are not even in the same time zone as these people.

Earlier this year, there was a Zoom call in which Kay Gabriel, a Princeton graduate and faculty member at New York University was quick to jump on a very revealing question about the real political agenda driving Trans Rights activism.

Mythinformed did the heavy lifting on finding this piece (hat-tip to Mark Levin’s show for bringing the clip to this writer’s attention).

As you see this clip, ask yourself whether Levin’s diagnosis of modern ‘Progressivism’ being better defined as ‘American Marxism’ has these people perfectly pegged.

The relevant clip has some cuts to bring attention to the key statements, but the original video is included for anyone looking for full and proper context.

We will do our best to transcribe this clip, but KG is not speaking slowly OR clearly, and we apologize in advance if any errors are made in transcription.

The opening question, asked by the person in the upper right corner was: “Why do we say that Trans Liberation calls for Communist Revolution? (giggle)”

KG’s Reply (note the smile): ‘Starting with the big one. Ok, I’m gonna leap on this first but then I promise I will take a backseat.


…the dominant, say liberal bourgeois reframing of trans liberation as trans rights and recognition kind of based in the supposedly successful pattern of like gay liberation transformed into rights and recognitions realized [unintelligible] of the state, not everywhere…


…We make a claim that not only is this insufficient, but that pouring our energy into this thing is actually not going to get us what we want or what we need…


…this kind of economic transformation that would be a kind of communist horizon right — a world in which everyone has what they need — um, so why does this immediately matter to trans people? Well what do trans people in our particularity have to say or to offer that expands the universalism of a communist society? Right. Um, which is to say one that would be achieved in time through processess and events that we could call revolutionary, that we would HAVE to call revolutionary because it would require the abolition of society as it currently is.


And when we demand that society be rearranged, in certain ways, this is part of the project.

Here is the source link, for however long YouTube lets it remain live.

The host of this video/podcast called ‘Rabbles’ (the, um, guy(?) in the blue lipstick) introduced this as one of a series of talks by ‘radical thinkers and agitators who are [crushing?] the boundaries of queer praxis’ Today they have ‘come together for international voices of transgender communist politics’… and threw around favorite buzzwords like ‘proletariat’, ‘abolish’, and ‘present state of things’.

By their own admission, when we bow the knee to their ever-shifting rules, including speech codes they want us to play by, we are helping their cause of Abolishing everything on which America is built.

Meanwhile, such servile cooperation is also helping their activists sweep away any resistance to the revolution they dream of cramming down our throats.

If we accept the terms they want us to abide by, we do so at our own peril. They WANT America to collapse. They are not ambiguous about this agenda. They believe they can build something ‘better’ out of the smoking wreckage.

Then again, they still naievely believe the modern version of Vladimir Lenin’s promise of positive rights — Peace. Land. Bread. — which were never delivered, while spurning America’s ‘negative’ rights which consist only in forbidding the government from limiting free citizens in certain improper ways… speech, religion, self-defense, surveillance, self-incrimination and so forth.

Remember when we looked up BLM’s home page (before they rewrote it)? Don’t worry, we got screenshots! ‘Black Lives Matter’ Isn’t Just An Anti-Racism Slogan It’s A Leftist Political Movement–Here’s The 411

The women who bragged about being ‘trained Marxists’ and who were delighted and flattered when their books were compared to Mao’s little red book have an agenda that dovetails perfectly with this ‘trans’ agenda.

It’s almost as if the intersectionality of race and sex (you could throw the Green New Deal in the mix, since AOC’s staffer tipped his hand there (scroll down to his WaPo quote) was actually ‘revolutionary’ and about the economy, not the environment) weren’t about the things we were told about at all. Almost as if those causes were just Trojan horses ridden by political saboteurs playing the long game with a Gramscian ‘long march through the institutions’.

Look back at the BLM ‘about’ page and read it for yourself: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Isn’t Just An Anti-Racism Slogan It’s A Leftist Political Movement–Here’s The 411

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