YO DEMS: If You Oppose ‘Voter Suppresion’ Prove It … In Maryland

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2021

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Democrats have been working very hard at ‘reimagining’ election law. They claim it’s to solve the problem of voter suppression. Republicans accuse them of trying to make election laws unenforceable and lax.

From those Runaway Texas Dems, to Pelosi’s HR1 when she got the gavel back in 2018, to Stacey Abrams, to Joe ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ Biden, the Dems have been fighting hard to reframe this issue, and ultimately, federalize elections that are, Constitutionally, a STATE issue.

Kamala addressed this same topic on Face the Nation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –You were when you ran for president on the issue of climate. Are voting rights as important to you?

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS: I believe that voting rights is one of the most significant issues that is facing us as individuals and as leaders today, there’s no question, no question. Voting rights lead to every other right, every other right. And so we need to prioritize it as a nation, all of us and understand why voting rights are important and- and- and insist that our elected leaders preserve these rights. But, MARGARET, realize that what’s happening right now includes that the entire Republican caucus of the Senate have voted against even debating this subject,–

Is this about empowering voters? Or is it about hijacking the process to give themselves permanent power? Good news, there’s a way to test that theory. Find an example where applying the principles they pretend to care about will benefit the rival party and see if they demand that those principles be applied in THIS case too. If they’re frauds, they’ll find some reason to fight it.

Test Case — Gerrymandering in Maryland

From a Judicial Watch press release:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit on behalf of 12 registered Maryland voters who object to Maryland’s 2021 congressional redistricting plan on the grounds that it diminishes their rights to participate in elections for the U.S. Congress on an equal basis with other Maryland voters, in violation of the Maryland Constitution (Parrott et al. v Lamone et al. (No. 8683397)).

The lawsuit details:

Maryland’s recent history of partisan gerrymandering is no secret. [its 2011] congressional district map…remains one of the most notorious partisan gerrymanders in U.S. history. A federal district judge openly doubted that it could provide “fair and effective representation for all citizens.” Another called it “absurd” to suggest ‘that there is a community of interest” in a district described as a “Rorschach-like eyesore.” [A federal appeals court] famously described the same district as “a broken-winged pterodactyl, lying prostrate across the center of the state.”

The lawsuit relates that a bipartisan commission recommended a map to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on November 5 that he approved, but the legislature passed a different proposal in a straight party-line vote. On December 9, 2021, Hogan vetoed this proposal, and, the same day, the state legislature overrode his veto on another party-line vote.

Judicial Watch’s suit points out that the new map “is similar to the gerrymandered map that was the subject of universal abuse ten years ago as the worst gerrymander in the country.” The lawsuit details how the map distorts district lines, deviates from and crosses existing political boundaries, and fractures and divides communities of interest: –JudicialWatch

Let’s see how Kamala, Joe, Stacey and all these other frauds respond to this Judicial Watch lawsuit. They love to denounce gerrymandering when they think it helps the OTHER party. Will they support this lawsuit to make sure the voices of these Maryland voters are not suppressed?

Or are they exactly the frauds we think they are?

And if they prove themselves frauds… let’s throw this case back in their face each and every time they raise this issue.

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