COVIDictator Democrats Are Driving Former Loyal Voters To The Republican Party — Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on January 25, 2022

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The damage done to children by the pandemic response by hysterical Democrats is sending frustrated parents over to the GOP.

Throughout the pandemic, one thing hasn’t really been considered in the response to COVID — the effect on children, teens, and young adults who are at low risk for serious complications and death from the virus.

Bethany Mandel found that several parents who are registered Democrats have had it and are done with the COVIDictators in their party.

In an article in the Daily Mail, Mandel writes about two parents from Fairfax, Virginia — Tracey Compton and Bethany Wagner — who still largely agree with the Democrat Party platform, but have found that the response to COVID is a deal-breaker for them because of the effect it’s had on their children.

Tracy Compton, a mother of two in Fairfax, Virginia, had voted for Democrats for as long as she can remember, until the COVID-related school closures.

‘I tried and went to apply to work with the Democratic Party. I was told I was not allowed to become a member of the Democratic Party [in Fairfax].’

A recording of a reorganization meeting showed fellow Democrats deeming Compton too ‘anti-school’ to be part of their political efforts.

What made Compton anti-school?

She wanted the public schools to fully reopen.

When Compton worked to collect signatures for a recall petition for the local school board, she was welcomed out of the rain by a Republican party tent, even after telling them she was a Biden voter.

In contrast, when Compton offered the petition to those inside the Democrat party tent, she was yelled at.

Compton said that even though her views on policies are very much in line with Democrats, the handling of COVID is her single-issue focus right now because it’s affecting her children and their future.

“Until [Democrats] can present someone that’s logical, I’m going to have to make choices. Right now, my choices are very much based on my children and my children getting an education,” she told Mandel. “If that can be solved, then I can worry about other things that are important to me, like gun control, and the environment and universal healthcare. I can’t do that until I know my kids are good.”

Mandel notes that Compton isn’t the only one. Another woman, Bethany Wagner found herself in the same boat.

For Wagner, the ‘schools issue’ proved to be a gateway into seeing the world through another set of eyes.

She realized early in the pandemic that it was conservative sites who were reporting on the impact of school closures and concerns she had over curriculum.

She went from a casual viewer of CNN and MSNBC to seeking out Fox News clips about the ‘schools issue’ on YouTube because they were the only ones covering it.

Soon, she did the unthinkable: She just turned on Fox News itself. And she realized, ‘It’s not what CNN claims it to be.’

Neither women see themselves as Republicans, but for the time being, they will be voting for them.

In other parts of the country, the same thing is happening.

Mandel writes, “Ashley (a pseudonym), a mother of three from Central New Jersey, fumed, ‘I hate when Democrats like Biden get all defensive and say that 95% of schools are open right now. They are being willfully ignorant and not paying attention that even though schools are ‘open’ they are NOT NORMAL.'”

Ashley says that it’s a lie — many schools might open, but what they’re doing isn’t even close to school as normal.

“Kids are masked, have no field trips, no extracurriculars, no sports (our town canceled winter recreation sports just for kids but kept adult recreation programming). Not to mention the constant threat of closures when cases rise. School might be mostly ‘open’ but it is not normal. Democrats should be paying attention instead of gaslighting me and telling me everything is fine,” she said.

Mandel notes in her article that there has been a huge swing in the party affiliation of Americans in recent months.

In the first quarter of 2021, 49% of U.S. considered themselves to be Democrats. By the third quarter of 2021, self-identified Democrat (and Democrat-leaning individuals) dropped to 42%.

For Republicans it went in the opposite direction. 40% self-identified with the GOP at the start of 2021, and 47% put themselves in the Republican-camp at the end of the year.

That’s a 14-percentage point swing from a nine-point Democratic advantage to a five-point GOP edge, and among the largest advantages the GOP has ever held in Gallup polling.

Strikingly, the most pronounced shift away from Democratic party identification came in the third and fourth quarter of the year, coinciding with the fall as children returned to school.

Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors.

It appears that they’ve learned absolutely nothing over the surprising Glenn Younkin victory in Virginia in November, who won after listening to and addressing the frustration of a new voting block — concerned parents.

Check out how the President responded to a question about school closures on the eve of the one-year anniversary of his Inauguration.

REPORTER: Could school reopenings or closures become a potent midterm issue for Republicans to win back the suburbs?

BIDEN: Oh, I think it could be, but I hope to God that they’re — that — look, maybe I’m kidding myself, but as time goes on, the voter who is just trying to figure out, as I said, how to take care of their family, put three squares on the table, stay safe, able to pay their mortgage or their rent… You know, every — every president, not necessarily in the first 12 months, but every president in the first couple of years — almost every president, excuse me, of the last presidents — at least four of them — have had polling numbers that are 44 percent favorable… I mean, the idea that — the American public are trying to sift their way through what’s real and what’s fake.

Biden completely sidesteps parents’ concerns over the education and flourishing of their children.

With responses like that, the gap in what Americans are thinking and what the Democrats put forward is only going to widen. And that is very good news for Republicans.

Contrast Biden’s response to just one lawmaker that Mandel cites in her article, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).

The response is like night and day.

Voters are noticing.

According to new poll numbers from Gallup, Biden’s approval rating is at just 40%, with 56% of respondents disapproving.

Alongside a shift away from the Democratic Party, there was a similar shift away from the President, with his support dipping in the fall of 2021.

Gallup explains, ‘In the latest survey, 40% of Americans approve and 56% disapprove of the job he is doing, as the U.S. is plagued by the highest inflation in four decades and another surge of COVID-19 cases, this time fueled by the omicron variant of the coronavirus.’
Source:Daily Mail

The COVID neurotics have stolen children’s childhoods under the guise of “protecting” them and don’t want to hear about the unintentional harm that they’ve caused because it was all for the “greater good.”

Yeah, and how’d that work out, exactly?

We’ve seen the results — problems with speech and language development, social and behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, self-harm, social isolation, and we’re now looking at years of learning loss. Not to mention the horrible increase in suicides among children and teens.

Unfortunately, many parents find that trying to raise the issue of the devastating effects of the pandemic response to the officials that imposed them is like shouting into the void. Far too many people have been terrified by the 24/7 Corporate Media fear porn and have become paranoiacs who cannot assess risk. Unfortunately, they’re the ones that are loudly exerting influence on the poll-driven politicians who listen to risk-averse public health bureaucrats who insist that “kids are resilient.” You can be pretty confident that those same people wouldn’t say that to child victims of abuse, however.

Meanwhile, these medical authoritarians are stealing formative years from children and the time when teens are supposed to be enjoying their last days before embarking out into the world on their own and becoming responsible adults.

How many high school and college graduates don’t get to walk across that platform to collect their diplomas in a normal ceremony?

How many suffered through “Zoom school” instead of having a normal school experience.

Consider that in some jurisdictions, virtual schooling is so commonplace that a student that entered high school in 2019 has only had one semester of normal, unmasked, in-person education for their entire high school experience to date. In some places, there are no plans to ever return to the “old normal.”

It is a crime against the youngest segment of humanity, who only have their parents to advocate for them.

Those parents are now turning to the GOP for help.

The Republicans better make sure that they steel their spines and not fail those parents.

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