Former Elected Official Cites Scripture On Social Medial — Now Faces Charges

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2022

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There is a reason the Framers enshrined the right to free speech. It’s because people with power have a habit of criminalizing ideas they don’t like.

In some parts of the world, we might expect to see oppression of religious minorities. But in others, there is really no excuse.

Stories like this one were stories that were specifically raised as objections while the marriage debate quickly pivoted from ‘what is marriage’ — which would have been a difficult pitch for activsts to make — to the argument being a demand for ‘equal rights’. It was a cheat to avoid the fundamental questions raised by the debate, but the tactic worked, and their policies went forward.

Christians recognized early on that their moral objections to sex outside the traditional male/female marriage were based on religious belief that was at odds with the increasingly enforced secular morality of culture, and wanted assurances that we would not be targeted for that belief.

We were told that such concerns were ridiculous.

That was just a few short years ago. Where are we now?

Päivi Räsänen, an MP for Finland’s Christian Democrats party, has gone on trial in a court in Helsinki for hate speech against LGBT+ people. If convicted, she could face a prison sentance.

The nation’s former interior minister had made comments online criticising the Finnish Lutheran Church for associating itself with a pro-LGBT event, saying that the church was “elevating shame and sin to a point of pride”.

According to a report by AFP, a tweet posted on social media by the ex-minister was accompanied by a picture of a bible verse that described homosexuality as “shameful” and “unnatural”.

Prosecutors have now claimed that Räsänen should be prosecuted over her remarks, the MP’s criticisms being an “affront to the equality and dignity of homosexuals”.

The BBC reports that the Helsinki court will now be forced to decide whether citing a bible verse can be considered a crime in some scenarios. — Breitbart

Stop and think for a moment about the significance of that exchange.

A Christian woman from Finland, was criticizing the Finnish Church, calling it out for being out of step with scripture and the God of the Bible, and the Secular Finnish Government has put her on trial.

But wait, there’s another wrinkle to this story, from a related article two years ago:

Dr. Räsänen has been known to publicly stand up for Christian values. “She points out that the Finnish state church is obligated, by law, to base its teachings on the Holy Scriptures, and asks, how could it then be illegal to teach what the Holy Scriptures say?” — GodReports

They’re not calling this a ‘heresy trial’, but they might as well be. LGBT (etc.) is the new secular moral orthodoxy, and plebes criticize it at their own peril.

Should we really expect to see these harsh penalties against Christians in modern Western nations?

When we see harsh penalties against religious non-conformists in an authoritarian Islamic regime, it is not surprising. Especially in countries where there are no real distinctions between religious duty and criminal law.

For example, we are bothered, but not surprised when, in Indonesia, a Christian candidate for office was convicted for blasphemy for making the ‘outrageous’ statement that it would be morally permissible for a Muslim to cast a vote in support of a Christian.

We see similar harsh penalties in totalitarian states like Communist China. Any civil or moral authority that runs contrary to the supreme rule of the state is treated as a threat.

What about supposedly ‘enlightened’ countries who have benefited from the political influences of the Church offering dignity to all people, made in God’s image, the influence of the Magna Carta, the hard-fought battles over religious freedom through the last 500 years… and the moral and various philosophical debates that all came downstream from that.

Those freedoms led to ever-expanding ripples of freedoms, including many of the ones the secular left touts today.

Just yesterday, we covered a Jordan Peterson conversation with Joe Rogan about how the Bible was literally foundational to Western society. Now, you can be charged with a crime for simply quoting it.

These are the same flavor of autocrats who are demanding the right to control information flow on Big Tech platforms while purging those who won’t kiss the ring.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s being done by an Angry Mullah, or Red China, or a government pencil-pusher, or by silicon valley, the end result of censorship is the same.

It’s powerful people attempting to get a monopoly on truth. This suppresses dissent. It prevents criticism. Ultimately it prevents future reforms of any present or future wrongdoing because you cannot even take issue with them.

Such censorship is precisely the culture of silence that has allowed monsters like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, or Ed Buck to go unchecked.

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