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US Foreign Policy, Then And Now … Follow The Money

Editor’s note:
The following op-ed was submitted by ‘The Texian’

Regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this information may be of interest to some future-oriented folks (if not, skip over).

Knowing history can be an effective method to predict the future.

El Salvador is home to MS-13, a brutal transnational narco and slave terror cartel aligned with the similar Mexican petro/narco/slave cartels that was nurtured by dark US forces in El Salvador (not LA as is commonly claimed) and then moved into LA to change the gang situation in America. MS-13 forces are now pouring over our open border, by the way, for a reason.

An up-and-coming, young statesman, Donald Rumsfeld, tapped Saddam Hussein to run Iraq fifty-ish years ago because he knew Hussein would attack Iran, per tribal hatred. (The US also put Castro in place. How well did that work for Cubans? Or the world?)

Saddam got a lot of kinetic dark support from the US and his 1969 coup succeeded in 1979. (Citation: here)

The US wanted Iran attacked to penalize the then relatively moderate King of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, for raising the price of Iranian oil enough to keep Iranians in food and housing. It’s worth five minutes of reading to understand just how effectively “the Shah” lifted Iran into modernity and made them a first-world nation again (remember, Iran is ancient Persia). (Five minute read here)

Britain was Iran’s primary oil and gas customer and the House of Windsor wasn’t pleased when their incredibly cheap fuel became just slightly less cheap. So the House of Windsor tapped their military lapdog and financial slave, the US, to do their dirty work.

Once in power Hussein very quickly started fighting with Iran. The end result of this disastrous, greed-driven move was the moderate (remember, Iran was pretty normal back in the 1970s and you can still find photos online of women dressed in skirts and men listening to music on boom boxes). The President of Iran was deposed and replaced by a lunatic, the Ayatollah Kohmeini (Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini). Iran fell to Muslim fundamentalist psychos, the US Embassy was taken hostage for over a year under the weak-kneed Jimmy Carter (a globalist plant) by pissed off students (then Iran’s ANTIFA, useful idiots), Operation Eagle Claw failed and Delta Force took heavy losses in men and reputation (citation), and Iran became the number one exporter of terrorists in the world. The people of Iran have since also suffered horrendously (near theoretical levels of torture, black-site prisons, murder, harsh Sharia law of all forms) from this manipulative, greed-driven interference ever since.

Few Americans understand the economic and leadership brilliance “the Shah” offered the average Iranian citizen, but one example is the growth of income of the average peasant. It grew by a factor of 423 times (sounds a bit like President Trump, doesn’t it?). But the House of Windsor, and the Banking Square Mile, needed to control the fuel. “Control the food, control the people. Control the fuel, control the nation. Control the money, control the world.” Rothschild (“Child of the Rock”, aka, Satan)

Landing the plane… per the IMF:

Eventually, Hussein, like Castro, started to misbehave. Puppets almost always do. When Hussein said he was going to value his oil in some other currency than USD to get out from under bank control, Iraq suddenly needed some freedom. Desert Storm was the result. Harsh economic sanctions by the US were designed to keep Iraq weak and down. They worked for twenty years.

When a now desperate Saddam made the same threat a second time, and then started to carry out his threat, the Iraqi people suddenly needed ‘liberation’ (President Bush, II) from “weapons of mass destruction” that never seemed to materialize quite like recently-deceased General Colin Powell promised to the UN and the American people as justification for a 22-year long profit party of ‘limited conflict’, to quote General/President Eisenhower.

In the end, Saddam’s hanging got filmed
(Did he really hang?), and his dead sons’ shot-to-hell corpses wound up plastered in “news” sources worldwide, as a message to leaders worldwide, “World leaders, don’t mess with us. Love, the banking families.”

Not long after, another misbehaving puppet, Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (Citation), leader/ruler of Libya, from 1969 (note how the dates align worldwide) until he was shot in the head by “rebels”, conveniently recorded ‘on shaky cell phone’ (so the world leadership could see and learn from it) in 2010. He too, was working to value his oil in something other than the fiat currency, the USD. That tends to bring trouble as you can now see.

The “Arab Spring” Secretary of State Clinton called it. We heard plenty of bad about this guy, and he wasn’t good, per say. But he did do things like end the largest, longest-running human slave market in world history in Libya when he took power. When he was murdered, that slave market came back. Today there are more slaves in slavery than when slavery was legal worldwide.

Slavery is the most profitable business endeavor ever created. Money represents your ability to leverage the labor of others. Slavery represents that labor directly. Slavery cuts out the middleman, money. We are moving towards not a CBDC necessarily. We are moving towards global slavery. They want you dead, or they want you a slave to control your labor output. Otherwise you are a ‘useless eater’ (Billy Gates).

Toy with the monetary system in any meaningful way, and you’ll meet the real power of humanity: the banking families and their death machines.

“Control the money, control the world.” Satan, “Roths-child”

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” Bible

“What is done in the dark shall be known in the light.” Bible

Why El Salvador? Who made that decision?

Note the American flag behind President Trump.
See anything missing around the edges?

* * * * *

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