God’s In The Habit of Choosing A ‘Nobody’ To Be A ‘Somebody’ (Mark Series)

Written by Doug Giles on January 2, 2022

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Think you know what it takes to be ‘used by God’?

Before you answer, stop and remember some of the go-nowhere clods God picked out of the crowd to carry His message to a lost and dying world.

Usually, the one God picks is the kid who’s ‘picked last’ by everyone else.

Do you think those historical heroes of the faith are the sort of people whose names would rise to the top of a pastoral search committee? Oh HELL no! Most of them would be kicked to the curb so fast it would make your head spin.

But God saw something in them He thought He could use, and guess what? HIS opinion was the only one that mattered.

And do you know what?

Not only had He done that again and again through history — but He does it still today.

That guy you are quick to blow off as a go-nowhere loser might just be God’s man for the hour.

(Yes, even if that guy is the one you see looking back at you in the mirror. If you think little of yourself, you might just discover you are a prime candidate for God’s next big move.)

Make this your refrigerator magnet for 2022.
– God has a tendency of picking up a nobody
– To be a somebody.
– In front of everybody.
– Without consulting anybody.
Enjoy and share this sermon w/the ‘ordinary’ peeps you know and tell them to brace for God’s extraordinary use of them.

Intrigued? Good.

Let’s get into it.

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