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HEY DEMS: Antifa Bro With Explosives Arrested On Anniversary Of Jan 6 … Do You Care?

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Does an Antifa acolyte’s possession of explosives while loitering around a peaceful right-wing protest count as a ‘threat to Democracy’ or nah?

On the anniversary of the events of January 6th, a group of 86 people gathered to protest what they considered the wrongful detention of Jeremy Brown who is accused of participating in the events of that day. They gathered outside of the Florida detention center where he has been held while he awaits trial for federal charges.

This was the second protest where that unnamed group had been gathered to wave signs and make speeches, it was expected to conclude around 8 pm. Around 7:30, someone dressed entirely in black was spotted by deputies running (it was described as ‘fleeing’) from the area, and was apprehended for loitering and prowling. It is not yet clear what spooked him and set him to running.

His backpack was searched and contained, among other things, an explosive device and a ‘Direct Action’ checklist which is described in detail in the video. It included precise description of the clothes he was to wear, the ‘armor’, and gear which included (among other items) gas mask, pepper spray, and smoke rockets. It is worth noting that he was wearing the clothes on that list when he was apprehended.

‘Direct Action’ is a phrase that will be familiar to anyone following the violent clashes of recent years in which violence is an approved method of achieving political aims… including, notably, places like Portland and Seattle, or any of those other cities that burned during ‘mostly peaceful’ protests.

Bomb techs determined that the device he had been carrying was, in fact, an active explosive device. A search of his nearby car turned up fireworks, and a search of his home produced a second pipe bomb and four hand-grenade-type devices.

They have found no social media history for him and the suspect has no prior arrests. He is being described as a sleeper and the Sheriff is careful not to specifically name any affiliations other than mentioning that details on his checklist and clothing are consistent with other black-clad protest groups in Portland, where the accused had recently been.

While the Sheriff made only indirect references to possible affiliation, a news outlet that has been closely following events in Portland and Seattle shed further light on the issue.

A search of Smith’s home he shares with his parents in Oldsmar, Fla. revealed more explosives, tape and nails for use in grenades. Smith’s “direct action” checklist included a drawing of an umbrella, a symbol adopted by Antifa militants for their frequent use of black umbrellas to shield one another from cameras while they commit acts of violence or vandalism. The helmet found in his backpack during his arrest had the Antifa “iron front” symbol painted on it.

Sheriff Gualtieri said that Smith is refusing to cooperate in the investigation.
Smith has been charged with three counts of making, possessing or discharging a destructive device, in addition to a charge of loitering and prowling. He does not have a prior criminal history. His bail is set at over $300,000. — PostMillenial

If we take his ‘direct action’ statement at face value, there is more evidence in his two backpacks of the attempt of a ‘violent overthrow of government’ then there is in all of Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, and Joe Biden’s overheated rhetoric about the ‘threat to democracy’ associated with January 6th.

Funny how closely this guy resembles the very same people Kamala Harris was helping to spring from prison though, isn’t it?

Exactly how much should we trust THIS White House to treat left-wing domestic terrorism as a serious threat? Do they take it every bit as seriously as enforcing our border?

It sure looks like it.

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