Man Drives Car Over Man Stabbing Woman To Death — Gets Arrested

Written by K. Walker on January 26, 2022

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The entire philosophical underpinning of the Second Amendment is simple: you don’t need someone’s permission to protect your life from danger.

If the threat to your safety is a person or animal big enough to overpower you, it’s reasonable that either you can use a weapon to defend yourself, or that someone else who is strong enough to protect you can come to your aid.

That shouldn’t really be too difficult to understand. But the UK doesn’t have a second amendment and has banned guns. They laugh at Americans as ‘savage’ for gun ownership, while ignoring real problems like random attacks with knives … or acid. Yep, that’s sooooo much more civilized.

A 43-year-old mother was being stabbed to death in broad daylight and screaming for help.

In many parts of America, the answer to that problem is simple — you draw and fire, putting the scumbag out of society’s misery. But in London, only the bad guys are armed, and that changes the math.

The attacker stabbed her four or five times in the chest.

The altercation moved onto the street, and the bystander got in his car and ran him down.

Horrified witnesses saw a bystander rush into his car and plough into the knifeman after watching the brutal attack.

One local said he heard the driver shout “I want to stop him” before jumping into his car on Chippenham Road, at 9am this morning.

Detectives have now arrested a 26-year-old man, the driver of the car, on suspicion of murder.

One man who also claimed to have seen the attack told Mail Online: “The driver said to me ‘what have I done?’. I told him ‘you had to do that’.”

The man, who did not want to give his name, added: “The driver had both of them under his car – the guy and the girl.

…”I wanted to try and make him come towards me instead to buy her some time.

“We tried to save her. He had this big knife so no one wanted to go near. Then this car came through and ran him over.

“It was all over so quickly. He went completely under the car. I think the driver was just trying to buy time to distract him.” —The Sun

If he weren’t pinned by that car, would a man so unbalanced as to stab a woman to death in broad daylight have turned his wrath on anyone else? We may never know.

But the threat ended under a good Samaritan’s car.

And now, he faces charges. Two shots to the center of mass would have been far simpler and might have given a chance to save his victim’s life. But that’s not an option in London.

Here’s an eyewitness account:

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