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WATCH: Allen West Releases An Inside Look At His Interview With WSJ … Can You Say ‘Media Bias’?

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This is what transparency looks like. If you raise the volume, you can just manage to catch both sides of the conversation.

If we’re supposed to believe that Wall Street Journal is one of the more ‘balanced’ of the ‘legacy’ media outlets, their journalist’s complete inability to comprehend the seriousness of Biden’s abdication of the border is a very telling sign.

Allen West published a video clip of his conversation with an unnamed Wall Street Journal employee. It’s a good ‘proof of concept’ for anyone wondering what kind of person he might be when faced with potentially hostile questions.

We know conservatives will always be taking heat from a range of journalists who either have trouble understanding our positions, are blinded by partisanship, or are activists looking for an angle to discredit a political opponent, and it’s nice to see how a candidate wanting the Governor’s job will conduct himself.

Bonus points: the fact that he’s publishing the conversation helps to keep his media critics honest.

Notice how the lady from WSJ is asking about the border, and West maintains perfect composure, while replying to her objections with a solid command of specific relevant facts that seem absolutely novel to her… even naming the locations to which specific planes loaded with illegal immigrants have been sent.

She seemed to have difficulty understanding that there was a particular change in border policy put into effect in January of 2021, or that said policy change has resulted in different outcomes at the border than what we saw in previous years. Yet he was patient in explaining to her both the policy and its impact.

He understands, for example, the spikes in crime — giving particular interest to the often-neglected social consequences of sex trafficking, fentanyl, and murder rate increases. He specifically references the record-setting murder rate in Austin.

When the conversation turned toward the National Guard, he had ready answers for that, too. Pay particular attention from about the 3:38 mark (if you can hear the journalist’s voice) through to the end of that answer at 5:12.

The Texas Republican primary is March 1st, 2022.
Voter Registration ends on Jan 31st.

If you’re a Texan and interested in knowing more about him as a candidate, see his WestForTexas site.

He’s earned our endorsement, he just might earn yours as well.

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Wes Walker

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