NATIONAL DISGRACE: The FBI LIED About The Synagogue Hostage Situation In Texas

Written by K. Walker on January 19, 2022

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We now know a lot about the hours-long hostage situation at a Synagogue in Texas over the weekend, and it makes the FBI look like a joke.

After a Muslim man with a gun and what he claimed were “backpacks of explosives” entered a Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, the FBI was quick to make the absurd claim that the Islamic terrorist’s actions were not tied to anti-Semitism.

WTF? FBI Says Hostage-Taking In Synagogue Was ‘Not Specifically Related To The Jewish Community’ (VIDEO)

It was clearly a giant load of B.S. but that didn’t stop the FBI from saying it.

Remember, this is the same law enforcement agency that has labeled parents concerned about an overtly racist alternate history being taught to their children as “domestic terrorists” and people upset about the results of the 2020 election who rioted in D.C. “insurrectionists.”

But the Islamic radical who entered a Jewish Synagogue during a service on the Sabbath, well, who knows what his reason could be.

Late Sunday, the FBI was forced to issue a statement saying that yes, it actually was an anti-Semitic terror attack.

But it seems that there were lots of other things that the FBI got very, very wrong.

It turns out that the terrorist, 44-year old Malik Faisal Akram, had a violent criminal history, was “obsessed” with Islam, and had been on an MI5 terror watchlist in the UK in 2020 before coming to the United States on a tourist visa two weeks before he entered the Synagogue in Colleyville.

The FBI said that he was a “lone wolf” but two teens in the U.K. have been arrested in connection to the attack and an investigation is underway to determine if Akram was part of a larger terror cell there.

Akram’s criminal background, which reportedly dates back at least two decades and includes a recent prison stint following a 2012 conviction on theft and harassment charges, has critics wondering how the man from Blackburn, England, didn’t trip any security safeguards when entering the U.S…

…Malik Faisal Akram’s brother, Gulbar Akram, released a statement through the Blackburn Muslim Community detailing how he was called into a police station in Greenbank, where he worked in an incident room with terrorism police liaising with the FBI and negotiators during the hostage incident.

In an interview with The New York Times, Gulbar Akram said he spoke to his brother during the siege happening some 5,000 miles away to talk him down. Without providing many details, Gulbar told the newspaper his brother was known to counterterrorism police. He also said Faisal had mental health issues, worsened after the recent death of their other brother from the coronavirus…

…Two teenagers have been arrested in Manchester, England, as the FBI has extended investigations to London and Tel Aviv to determine whether Akram acted alone or as part of a larger terror cell.
Source: Fox News

Now we’ve learned that the FBI didn’t seem to have much to do with the escape of the hostages.

An interview with Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker on CBS Mornings reveals that it was the Rabbi’s quick thinking that allowed them to escape because the negotiations “didn’t look good, it didn’t sound good.”

Well, there’s a vote of confidence in the FBI’s ability to de-escalate a hostage situation.

The Rabbi asked if the other men with him were ready to make a run for the exit nearby, then he tossed a chair at the gunman and all three managed to escape.

You can watch the footage of the escape here:

WATCH: Dramatic Moment Hostages In Texas Synagogue ESCAPE Armed Islamic Terrorist

The leadership of the FBI has done a damn fine job of making the entire agency look like a clown show over the last few years.

What is the FBI good for these days other than perhaps entrapment?

You gotta feel for the normal, rank-and-file officers who wanted to serve their country in a federal law enforcement agency — because there are still good people working in the FBI — and are now being led by overtly political actors that are determined to weaponize the agency against their enemies.

Unfortunately, it seems that the enemies of the FBI are millions of Americans that vote a particular way, NASCAR, and parents that don’t want their kids indoctrinated.

Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly pointed out how ridiculous it is that the FBI is focused on going after the “grandmas” in the Capitol on January 6 and labeling parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists” while not doing much as a foreign national radical Islamist who was on a terrorist watch list held people in a Synagogue hostage demanding the release of a known anti-Semitic terrorist.

It’s not just that, though… they’ve let Antifa and BLM off the hook despite the destruction that they were wreaking in cities across the country for months on end, and they’re not considered “domestic terrorists.”

Remember, Antifa is “just an idea” and the greatest domestic terror threat to the United States is from those white, far-right extremists.

Watch as Jesse Kelly blasts the overt politicization of all of the alphabet agencies — not just the FBI but the entire Administrative State — and the Let’s Go, Brandon! Administration that is pushing that politicization.

He’s right.

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