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Professional Hockey Stats Tell The COVID Story That Media Keeps Under Wraps

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What does fudging numbers for COVID stats have in common with election security? A finite data pool makes cheating much harder.

When people are serious about election security, they purge the voter rolls of dead people or those whose addresses have changed. The more accurate the voter rolls are, the harder it is to fudge the numbers by, for example, letting dead people vote.

Ever since the beginning of COVID, one of the complaints critics have raised was the incomplete data sets we have been working with. For example, experts are finally admitting that statistics for someone admitted to the hospital or worse, dying ‘with’ the virus is very different than someone doing so ‘from’ the virus.

Conveniently for the panic-mongers, the news would bombard us with total numbers of the scariest numbers they could hit us with — cases, deaths, or hospitalizations — without giving other contextual data like total recoveries, or percentage of sick with one or more comorbidities, or the breakdown-by-age of people suffering the most serious effects.

Unfortunately for the panic-mongers, the drive for total vaccination has created finite control groups that we can used to study data that’s difficult to get in other ways.

Apart from a couple of holdouts, effectively 100% of the players, coaches and staff in the NHL have received the recommended number of vaccinations. This gives us the ability to evaluate in meaningful ways how effective the vaccine was at protecting a population of people, most of whom are at peak physical performance.

More than that, these people have been vigorously tested on a regular basis so we have accurate numbers on how many have benefited from the vaccine not just in total individuals, but as percentages of a population.

Well, according to the NHL, 73% of their players, have tested positive on their COVID 19 tests this season, and about 60% of those have tested positive in the last five weeks.

They did ‘everything right’, according to the experts and their protocols, and have had the virus rip right through three quarters of the total population — even in arenas where you need to show proof of vaccination to even enter the building. Two thirds of this control group camp up postive since Omicron came to town.

Oh, and the NHL has now updated its testing policy. They are done with the systematic testing of players without obvious symptoms.

If this blanket vaccine approach has done nothing to prevent teams in the peak of health, even though they’ve been doing ‘everything right’ what does this imply for eveyone else? What’s the rationale for mandating people to be shamed and shut out of their jobs for failing to comply with receiving a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection and doesn’t prevent the spread.

Experts can make solemn claims about how it reduces severity all day long, but even if those facts can be proven — we remain skeptical — in this context the morality of the obligation to vax question has been completely reversed.

Since the ‘do it to protect your neighbor’ argument is shown to be statistically invalid, the math for someone making the decision about vaccination changes significantly… as it should for those leveraging power to force people to get one against their will.

It becomes a question of an unvaccinated individual weighing the comparative risks of (a) surviving a virus which has an extremely high survivability rate, especially for certain demographics or (b) accepting the short- and long-term health risks of a vaccine which have not been clearly articulated to the public — and some of which, like whether it’s a carcinogen, have never even been studied.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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