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NEVER FORGET: Five Years Ago Today, Leftists Openly REJECTED The Peaceful Transition Of Power

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As Democrats and the Corporate Media hacks continue to push January 6, 2021, as a “stain” on the history of the Republic, let’s not forget the way that leftists all over the U.S. behaved on January 20, 2017.

The left wants to call a bunch of unarmed, MAGA-hat-wearing patriots who made the unwise decision to trespass on the Capitol a year ago “insurrectionists”, then we need to commemorate every time that the left has refused to accept the results of an election and pushed back against the “democratic norms” or made an attempt to “undermine” our institutions.

This is what we need to do now.

Sure, we’re not going to get special coverage on CNN like the Democrats in Congress pushing January 6th as a greater threat to the United States than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the assassination of JFK, combined, but we should still do this because they do it.

Do you remember what happened in 2016 after Hillary lost?


Ok, after the tears. The left said Trump’s election was “illegitimate” and started calling themselves “The Resistance.”

It was pretty much from that moment that the protests against Trump as President-Elect began.

The far-left magazine, The Baffler, had a series of interviews with the leaders of the “Resistance” movements opposing the incoming administration and highlighted one group that seemed to have their finger in every pie when it came to pushing back against Trump and Pence.

On January 19, The Baffler published an interview with Legba Carrefour, an organizer with a group called DisruptJ20.

When asked what the purpose of the movement was, Carrefour responded, “The idea, one, is we want to undermine Trump’s presidency from the get-go. There has been a lot of talk of peaceful transition of power as being a core element in a democracy and we want to reject that entirely and really undermine the peaceful transition. We would like the headline the next day to be ‘Trump Inauguration a Complete Meltdown and Clusterf*ck.'” (Emphasis added)

Did you catch that? The purpose of Disrupt J20 was to reject entirely the peaceful transition of power.

Carrefour said that she wasn’t worried about the police presence that would be there.

“We are very lucky in D.C. in the sense that over the course of years of getting beaten up by the police and subsequently suing them and also getting support from the local city council, the police actually can’t do that much anymore in D.C.” said Carrefour. “They are pretty restrained. You are legally allowed to take an unpermitted march, for example. That is not a problem here in D.C. They also don’t do mass arrests or use chemical agents anymore.” (Emphasis added)

DisruptJ20 was an umbrella group of far-left organizations including some Antifa groups and organized a number of events in order to show their disdain for the Republican ticket that won the 2020 Presidential Election.

Project Veritas managed to infiltrate DisruptJ20 and exposed plans to shut down Inauguration events in 2017, including one that they brought to the attention of D.C. law enforcement.

BREAKING: Trump Haters BUSTED Plotting To SHUT DOWN Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

One of the events DisruptJ20 organized was a glitter bomb Queer Dance Party on Mike Pence’s lawn before the Inauguration.

This overt display was necessary because of Mike Pence’s alleged “record of anti-LGBT bigotry” which is, charitably, a misunderstanding of his position, or more likely, a figment of their imagination, or — perhaps cynically — overt demonization of a socially conservative and devoutly Christian man.

But they were praised for it.

JACKASSES: Look What The GAY Cabal Did In Front Of PENCE’S House

On Inauguration day, a number of groups were ready to show how much they hated Trump.

VIDEO: Democrat Activists Demonstrate ‘PEACEFUL’ Transition Of Power … By BREAKING Stuff



They did a lot of damage smashing windows, pulling up mailboxes, and smashing cars.

One image that was iconic that day was the limo that was set on fire.

It turns out the limo belonged to a Muslim immigrant small business owner which made things awkward for the left.

Protests weren’t limited to Washington D.C., however.

Even the Satanic Temple was out there protesting.

WATCH: Satanic Sea Cows Protest Trump – Tell Your Lib Friends, ‘The Devil’s With Them!’

ABC News reported on the damage from the “Resistance” and that more protests were planned.

Despite what Carrefour said in her interview, the D.C. cops did take action against the rioters on January 20.

HEY, RIOTOUS SNOWFLAKES: The Grand Jury Just Indicted 146 Of Your DUMB@SS Vandal Buddies

Eventually, over 200 people were charged for the destruction on January 20, 2017, and the DOJ was looking for the IP addresses of visitors to DisruptJ20 website.

DOJ Just Issued Search Warrants On Anti-Trumpers – Liberals Are Spooked

What happened to those “not so peaceful” protesters? Not much, actually. Many of them were cleared of all charges.

As we discuss President Trump’s inauguration, let’s not forget to mention the late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), the man that Democrats in Congress have named one of their signature pieces of alleged “voting rights” legislation just one year after the “most secure election” in U.S. history.

He truly needs a very special shout-out in this article.

Rep. Lewis chose to boycott the 2017 Inauguration because he thought that Trump was an “illegitimate President” who was only elected because of “Russian collusion.” Yes, he believed in the Russian Collusion Hoax, but we can’t label him a “conspiracy theorist” because the entire Democratic Party and the Corporate Media were all in lockstep with him.

By the way, Rep. Lewis tried to make this sound like it was an unprecedented step that he was taking in his virtuous stand as a Civil Rights leader, and that it would be the first time that he’s missed a Presidential Inauguration since 1986. Except…

Lewis and the hacks in the Corporate Media just seem to have kind of forgotten that he, along with several members of the Congressional Black Caucus, skipped the 2001 Inauguration of President George W. Bush because they didn’t believe that he was legitimately elected, either. Whoopsies!

While the left continues on with their vilification of Republicans, let’s remind them that the same charges of wanting to “undermine democracy” by “not accepting the results of an election” are ones that they’re guilty of as well.

The difference is, Republicans aren’t joining a “well-funded secret cabal” that included everyone from politicians, activists, union leaders, political strategists, big business, social media, and “Resistance organizations” in order to “fortify” an election.

In 2020, Democrats did just that. They even pushed for states to relax voting laws using the pandemic as an excuse to circumvent the rules of changing the laws. It was stunning.

WATCH: Lawyer Breaks Down The Infamous Time Article About The Secret ‘Well-Funded Cabal’ That ‘Fortified’ The 2020 Election

The fact is this — January 6 is such a big freaking deal to the Dems because Republicans are held to a higher standard than the riotous Dems.

Don’t forget that when people flooded the streets to dance and celebrate that the Shambling Husk of Mediocrity had won, you could still see the plywood that stores put on their windows just in case Trump won a second term.

Biden Election MIRACLE! Massive Pro-Biden Street Parties Mean COVID Is Magically OVER!

January 20 wasn’t an “unprecedented attack on democracy” — it was right-wingers behaving like better-behaved versions of left-wingers for a few hours.

But one group is vilified and the other is excused.

This is why we need to keep shoving their “insurrection” anniversaries in their faces and shame them with it until they cool it with the insane level of rhetoric they’re using.

And yeah, we might be accused of “whataboutism”, but you know what? I. Don’t. Care.

These leftists want to vilify you for things that you’ve done that are significantly less serious than what their team has done, but they want to sweep it under the rug. Don’t let them get away with it.

K. Walker

ClashDaily's Associate Editor since August 2016. Self-described political junkie, anti-Third Wave Feminist, and a nightmare to the 'intersectional' crowd. Mrs. Walker has taken a stand against 'white privilege' education in public schools. She's also an amateur Playwright, former Drama teacher, and staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Follow her humble musings on Twitter: @TheMrsKnowItAll and on Gettr @KarenWalker

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