WHOOPS: Chuck Schumer Has New Conflict-Of-Interest Issues With Big Tech

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2022

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News of his children working as a lobbyist and a manager for Amazon and Facebook comes up while Senate reviews possible anti-Trust actions.

Do you think the guy holding the gavel while the Senate reviews laws directly impacting Big Tech poses a problem when his daughters work for Silicon Valley titans? One of them is an actual lobbyist.

Here is what we’ve learned.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is responsible for shepherding antitrust bills that aim to crack down on Big Tech — and both his children are on the payroll of companies the proposals would seek to rein in, On the Money has learned.

Jessica Schumer is a registered lobbyist at Amazon, according to New York state records. Alison Schumer works at Facebook as a product marketing manager.

Advocates of the legislation fear that the tech companies’ ties to Sen. Schumer’s children could create a conflict of interest, people close to the matter told On the Money. And they say Schumer’s familial connection to the tech companies is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cozy relationships some members of Congress have with the firms.

“When you put together the amount of money Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi made off tech with the fact that leader Schumer’s two kids work for giant tech companies, Democrats are going to have a very hard time explaining if major legislation doesn’t move forward this session,” one progressive operative told The Post.

“It’s not just a messaging problem — it also raises substantive concerns,” this person said. If you were a judge with a kid who worked for Facebook you’d recuse yourself from the case.” — NYPost

Recusal is an interesting point to raise here, since Schumer was one of the loudest voices insisting that Trump’s AG needed to recuse himself from — pretty much everything — while the efforts to weaponize bogus Russian Collusion allegations to undermine Trump’s presidency slow-walked their way through their ‘investigation’.

We know that Schumer believes in the value of recusal — when it suits him in exactly the same way he believes in filibusters when they aren’t standing in the way of his political power.

How about we hold him to the same standard, and have Schumer abstain from voting on any issues of Big Tech.

Were these daughters of Schumer brought into their jobs because of their own particular set of skills or were they hired specifically because they had ‘pull’ with the guy who holds the gavel in the Senate?

If he recuses himself over any Big Tech questions, we’d know soon enough why they were hired. And if he doesn’t? Well, that’s going to make AOC’s run at primarying him really colorful now isn’t it? We all know how she feels about Amazon… and if she can use it to take down a ‘moderate’ who stands in her way, she won’t hesitate for even a New York Minute.

This conflict of interest brings up some of the same concerns the right has been raising with Biden’s son and brother, with Pelosi’s husband’s investing record, with Hunter’s Business associates — including John Kerry’s kid.

There sure seems to be a whole network of influence peddling. And if Pelosi’s son is any indicator, there isn’t a lot of effort taken to verify the legitimacy of these companies they are profiting from. Is it merely a coincidence, or are arrangements like these being used as supposedly legal workarounds for kickbacks and pay-for-play?

Honestly, a corrupted legislative body trading political power for personal favors is a far greater ‘threat to democracy’ than anything a crowd of unarmed pedestrians — however angry — could dream up.

When will the DOJ actually take these questions seriously?

Don’t hold your breath. We’ve seen the flunkie who’s running the show over there.

He’s only interested in prosecuting someone with an R after their name. When his people are not labeling parents ‘terrorists’, they’re giving jihadis who take hostages in synagogues a pass on the ‘antisemitism’ label.

We’re going to need a red wave in November, and we need to get started on draining that swamp.

Don’t just pray for change in November — pray effectively.

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