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Our Kids, Their Pawns: Teachers’ Unions Vote To Force Remote Learning

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Even some of the usual suspects in Chicago are getting sick of teachers’ unions using the ‘safety of children’ as an excuse to throw their political weight around.

Between the time this story was written, and the time it was posted live, a decision to proceed with their plan to insist on working from home came back from the Teachers’ Union.

Local leaders have promised to lock any teachers who do not attend school out of the digital classroom and would be treating this decision as a walkout.

Now we wait to see who blinks first.

**end update**

With the dangers of Covid as the justification yet again, schoolteachers are insisting on the reinstatement of remote learning. Teacher’s unions have been pulling this card all through the pandemic and the public’s patience is really wearing thin… even in blue cities like Chicago.

In-class teaching resumed as the Christmas break ended on Monday, and by Tuesday, the union was voting on whether to stop showing up to teach in-person classes. A vote was scheduled for Tuesday night.

Contrasted against the power teachers’ unions have demonstrated in the past, those teachers’ unions were facing pushback well before the result was even tallied.

District officials have said they won’t switch back to remote instruction districtwide because it was devastating for children’s learning and mental health, and that schools remain safe with protocols such as required masks, weekly testing and improved air filtration. But the union argued that the district’s safety measures need to be stronger considering the surge. Among the points of contention are metrics that would trigger a school closure.

While the union has characterized the vote as a return to remote instruction, district leaders called it a “walkout.” A contentious battle took place last January over similar issues when the district tried to return to in-person instruction after being remote since March 2020.

Martinez said buildings in the approximately 350,000-student district would remain open regardless of how the union votes. — SFGate

In other words, the message is pretty clear: if you aren’t willing to show up to work, don’t expect to get paid for it.

Chicago School’s CEO, Pedro Martinez, and even Mayor Lightweight Lightfoot, affirm there are no widespread health issues with the students, and that children face greater harm by NOT going to school than what they would risk by going to school.

Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago Public Health Commissioner even stated ‘It’s that we’ve got to do risk-benefit analysis here, and, at least among children, we have to think of this as similar to flu. You add vaccination on top of that? The risk is even lower. And that is what we are seeing right now. We need kids to get vaccinated, but I remain extremely comfortable with children continuing in-person education.’

Even David Axelrod has blasted this play.

Unions, as usual, have a long list of demands.

This is nothing new.

They held schoolkids hostage throughout the pandemic, even if they made the pretense that their demands were *really* intended to help the children. Vacation photos of teachers ‘too frightened’ of the Chinavirus to show up for work going viral on social media didn’t help their credibility.

A Canadian news source gave a very revealing insight into another more cynical motive behind school shutdowns. In some instances, it has been little more than coercive power bullying parents into COVID compliance.

From an article last July:

“Parents are stuck at home when their kids are at home,” said Colin Furness, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto.

It’s this basic fact, Furness explained, that is what sees daily virus cases decrease when schools are closed to in-person learning. — TorontoSun

So much for shutting down the schools to keep our kids safe. At least some of the time, it’s really been a question of power and control. That hurts these union’s credibility. But do you know what else didn’t help the credibility of Teachers’ Unions? We have a list.

How about when the CDC got busted taking their school closure talking points directly from Union bosses. BUSTED: Emails Show CDC Caving To Teacher Union Pressure Over Policy … AGAIN

An did it help when they insisted on enactment of the Democrat child care policy as a return-to-work requirement.

But as egregious as those are, those pale in comparison to this open attempt at partisan indoctrination as they tried to make return to work contingent on civic leaders agreeing to a BLM agenda, including the defunding of police.

In Los Angeles, a radical socialist who spoke at a national socialist convention last year has taken over as the head of the teacher’s union in the nation’s second-largest school district.

Cecily Myart-Cruz is a major player in the Black Lives Matter Movement and intends on forcing LA schools to bend to the will of BLM.

The Daily Wire reported, “‘We need to have a set of demands that dovetail with Black Lives Matter,’ Myart-Cruz continued. ‘We have to have massive political education. People will say, ‘Not all police are bad,’ but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about racism as a social construct, systemic and institutional racism, and wrapped on top is white supremacist culture, which is the dominant culture. So as educators, how are we going to equip ourselves to become anti-racist, not for ourselves but for our students? We serve a school district with a 90% free-and-reduced lunch student population. We have to move the needle. It’s imperative to move the needle around racial and social justice.’

“I see teaching as a revolutionary act, just the way I see organizing,” Cecily Myart-Cruz, who captured almost 69% of the vote, has said.” — Freedomwire

This teacher walked away from BLM and their agenda when he found out what the organization really looked like from the inside. WATCH: Co-Founder Of St. Paul BLM Walked Away, Calls BS On Their Real Agenda

And if we want to reject the agenda that these union bosses are pushing, the only way to cut them off from power is to abandon the public school system the Teachers’ Union power base has been built on.

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