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The REAL Reason Djokovic Was Thrown Out Of Australia … Hint: His Exemption was VALID

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If you only get your news from the ‘respectable’ news outlets, you might have come to the conclusion that Tennis champion Novak Djokovic was thrown out of Australia for ‘just cause’.

And why wouldn’t you? Even the Australian Open themselves are wringing their hands about being at the center of this controversy. They’re quite happy to let Djokovic be their whipping boy over any negative press this brings, offering the words so typical of such cowards, ‘deeply regrettable series of events’ and laying the blame squarely at Novak’s feet.

It’s a lot easier than, say, putting their own neck on the line and telling the Aussies that if Australian politicians unjustly deny Djokovic’s right to participate they’ll shut down the whole event. Then again, the cowardly choice always is the easier one.

Novak challenged his deportation in court. And he won… at first.

Serb Djokovic, 34, was granted a medical exemption to enter Australia by two independent health panels – one commissioned by Tennis Australia, the other by the state government of Victoria – after testing positive for coronavirus in mid-December.

However, the Australian Border Force detained the 20-time Grand Slam winner on 5 January for not meeting federal coronavirus requirements, and his visa was revoked.

A judge overturned that decision, but the government stepped in on Friday to revoke the visa again, saying it was in the public interest. — BBC

He was found NOT to be in violation of the COVID exemptions. He was thrown out for a different reason. Letting him play was not politically expedient for the Aussies’ newfound love of biomedical totalitarianism.

A deportation order usually also includes a three-year ban on returning to Australia.

The minister canceled the visa on the grounds that Djokovic’s presence in Australia may be a risk to the health and “good order” of the Australian public and “may be counterproductive to efforts at vaccination by others in Australia.” —FoxNews

This deportation had nothing to do with the tennis star’s personal medical risk factors. The politicians were afraid that letting HIM play might mean that unvaccinated Australians might be emboldened to rise against their political masters and push the jackboot of tyranny off their necks.

Screwing over a tennis champion is a small price to pay to keep their power intact.

The sad thing is, Australians seem to have forgotten that those in power are SUPPOSED to be afraid of the will of the people. It’s what keeps them honest.

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