‘The View’ Coven Get ANGRY When Guest Co-Host Calls Out Biden For Hot Mic ‘Stupid SOB’ Remark (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on January 26, 2022

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The harpies on “The View” came out swinging for “The Big Guy” when a guest co-host suggested that he should publicly apologize for the profane namecalling of Peter Doocy of Fox News.

You can catch up on that and watch the video here:

WATCH: Biden Caught On Hot Mic Calling Peter Doocy Of Fox News A ‘Stupid Son Of A Bitch’

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View”, a new sacrificial lamb, Lisa Ling, took the still-vacant co-hosting chair left by Meghan McCain.

The Coven used a segment of the show to discuss Joe Biden’s shameful namecalling of Peter Doocy, the White House Correspondent for Fox News.

Of course, the comparisons to Trump were plentiful.

After having a chuckle about it — because they apparently find it funny to watch the guy that Democrats swore up and down would bring back “dignity and decorum” to the Oval Office call the one reporter not kissing his ass a “stupid son of a b*tch” — the leftwing harpies dismissed the incident. It was no big deal. Whoopi said that Biden was just doing what he does by “calling things out as he sees them.”

She said that Doocy just shrugged it off as though it was just another day at the office.

According to Whoopi, Biden was simply “giving it to” Doocy “the way he should get it back” and asked if this is “politics as usual.”

Ling responded by bringing up Trump (of course) and saying that the “former president set the bar low“. She said that one of the reasons that Biden was elected was that he was supposed to have better behavior than his predecessor and that it was yet another example of “men behaving badly” and that “mothers have to clean up the mess” because it sets a bad example for children.

Democrat bootlicker Sunny Hostin then jumped in with the spin — she appreciated that Biden called and apologized to Doocy because the Bad Orange Man would never have done that.

Ling pushed back and said that she believes that the President should issue a public apology to Americans for his behavior.

It’s not an unwarranted position considering that Democrats ran this guy as though he was a paragon of virtue and didn’t have a 50-year history of lashing out at anyone who challenges him.

That’s around when unhinged Joy Behar came in by ridiculously suggesting that Doocy would be “fired from Fox News” pretty soon because he didn’t “clutch his pearls” about it.

Sara Haines jumps in and says that Biden did the right thing by encouraging Doocy to ask questions that the left-leaning press won’t ask.

Then there was some crosstalk, and Whoopi jumped back in heartily defending Biden saying that he doesn’t need to apologize and that he should just admit that he’s human. She said that Biden just lost it for a second because “that happens sometimes when people ask you endless stupid questions from one particular place.

Interesting. As we noted in our article when the namecalling took place, Doocy was the only reporter who stayed on-topic to ask about inflation at an event meant to publicize how the administration was tackling… inflation and the supply chain. The other reporters were shouting questions about Ukraine and Russia.

Perhaps Whoopi wasn’t aware of that, or neither the situation nor the context mattered to her.

Whoopi says that she thinks that this is the way a “human being” who is President behaves. She says that it’s the way that an adult behaves.

They then go on — led by Behar — to compare him to Trump. Ling pushes back and says that they can’t keep comparing Biden to Trump. She then said that Doocy’s question was relevant.

Whoopi then says that Doocy “got what he wanted” because he asked a question that “wasn’t worthy of him asking it” as Ling looked on in a deer-in-headlights manner wondering how to push back against the lead host’s insane ramblings.

Whoopi then tried to smear all Republicans for the standards for politicians being changed by suggesting that questioning the 2020 election that allowed lax rules during a pandemic was lowering the bar.

The harpies then talked over each other trying to gain consensus that Biden is good and Trump is bad.

How is this show still on television?!

Are the hot takes by the termagants on “The View” typical of the media at large?

Let’s take a moment to look at what CNN’s “Media Watchdog” thought of the incident…

This led to a little bit of digging into Brian’s old tweets.

Of course, this is how the media reported it when Trump did it, right?

Stelter later clarified his position contrasting it with his 2018 tweet.

Does he really believe that, though?

It seems that he doesn’t. It’s just a “blip.”

Except… it isn’t.

He constantly snaps at reporters.

He did it last week when he got angry with Philip Wegmann his lengthy presser…

He yelled at CNN’s Kaitlin Collins after the summit with Putin:

He was a bit tense during the presser on the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal:

That’s just a handful of recent examples. There are dozens more that date back years.

Joe Biden has always been awful and he’s just getting worse.

And these lunkheaded libs keep defending him.

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