WATCH: Neurotic Harpies On ‘The View’ Are VERY Upset That Bill Maher Made Jokes About COVID Paranoiacs

Written by K. Walker on January 25, 2022

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There are some people who simply don’t want the world to go back to pre-COVID normal, so they’re attacking people who are fed up with the rules that don’t even make any sense.

Three of “The View” coven, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy(less) Behar, and Sara Haines were Very Upset that Bill Maher made jokes as we enter Plague Year 3 because his comments were “insensitive.”

Without further ado, here is the clip that shows just how out of touch these lib celebs are.

So. Much. COVID. Disinformation.

Where the heck does one begin with that mess?

Let’s go with each of the three in turn.

Whoopi Goldberg

Did you catch that Whoopi says that Maher’s jokes about nonsensical mask mandates are “insensitive” to people who lost children to the “vaccine”? Clearly, she meant to say “virus” and not “vaccine”, but that’s perhaps the one true thing she said in her ranting — we know that teens and young men have suffered from myocarditis and pericarditis as a result of the vaccines.

Throughout her rant, Whoopi is constantly pleading for someone to “Please, think of the children!”

If she had paid any attention at all over the past two years, she’d know that children are at less risk of serious illness and death from this virus than they are from the seasonal flu.

Statista has this handy visual that shows that there is a significant difference in risk if you’re under age 5 than if you’re over 50.

At the end of the clip, to stress her point, Whoopi says that people who aren’t following the mitigation measures that haven’t worked to any significant degree throughout the pandemic are “playing Russian Roulette” with children’s lives. How can we take someone like this seriously?

Maher is right — the rules are ridiculous. It no longer seems like a free country when you need to show medical information in order to eat at a restaurant or go practically anywhere indoors in New York.

If she’s so concerned about “the children” does she think that this recent incident is okay? Just a few days ago, NYPD escorted a 9-year old girl out of a museum and took her to the station in a cop car because she didn’t show her vaccine passport. Shameful.



If Whoopi can’t find the humor in the ridiculousness of the mask mandates, then that’s her problem. The masks rules are stupid. The masks aren’t necessary if you are a patron sitting in a restaurant, but waiters must wear them. You have to wear one on a plane, but you can take it down if you’re eating or drinking. People in the audience at “The View” have to mask up despite providing their proof of vaccination — but not the harpies or their guests. The rules are rather selective and not universally applied.

It appears that Whoopi — like so many other people around the world — can no longer assess risk.

At the same time, she’s lecturing those who still can because they see that mitigation measures were largely unsuccessful and want to live a normal life.

She says that we’re doing all of these ridiculous and nonsensical mitigation measures in order to “protect our families.” But these things haven’t really worked to slow the spread of this disease. They were instituted when the “medical experts” tossed out their pandemic plans and decided to do what China did, and countries were unable to replicate the results because China has been dishonest about the deaths and case counts from COVID since its very first infection sometime in late 2019.  Enough.

While Whoopi is insisting that she’s terribly worried for those who cannot be vaccinated yet, it seems clear that she’s couching her own fear for herself under the guise of concern for others.

She says that if some people don’t want to follow the nonsensical rules they can “stay away” from her.


She’s the one that should stay away.

If she’s so damned scared of this virus, then she can go hide away for the rest of her life and let the rest of us carry on with our lives.

If she wants to be protected from an airborne respiratory virus, then she’s the one who should stay home and completely isolate herself from other people.

Whoopi wants to have her cake and eat it too. (Which, by the way, she seems to have done quite a bit of over the past couple of years.) She wants to be protected from the virus but still participate in society. Yeah, well, that’s not how airborne respiratory viruses work.

Worldwide data shows the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are both getting sick, being hospitalized, and dying. The vaccine isn’t a silver bullet to end the pandemic, and masking up post-jab isn’t doing much to “stop the spread” either.

Also, Omicron is significantly milder than previous versions of this virus, so to make the case that we must obey the Public Health Overlords now when they’ve been constantly lying and moving the goalposts is ridiculous.

We know much more about this virus than we did in early 2020, and one thing we know is that age, obesity, and certain underlying health conditions are all risk factors.

As a 66-year old, obese black woman, Whoopi is a walking cluster of comorbidities.

We are told by the CDC that race plays a role — this is so significant, apparently, that the Biden-Harris administration has advised that race should be used as a factor in determining who gets priority access to monoclonal antibody therapy.

While she’s never been svelte, Whoopi has put on quite a few pounds over the past couple of years. If she can’t be bothered to lose weight when it’s been very clear that obesity is a significant risk factor for severe complications from COVID, hospitalizations, and even death, then why the hell should (a) we listen to her lecture the rest of us, or (b) let her off the hook for blasting people who she says refuse to listen to “the science.” A CDC study in early 2021 revealed that almost 80% of COVID hospitalizations have been for patients who are obese. Maybe put down the cheesecake and call a personal trainer, Whoopi.

By the way, Whoopi tested positive for COVID just after ringing in the New Year, even though she had received her booster shot.

So, now, like millions of other people, she has robust natural immunity and should just stop living in constant fear. Stress and fear can suppress the immune system, so Whoopi ought to be careful.

Joy Behar

It looks like the hair dye soaked into what’s left of her brain.

Behar’s brief comments dismiss people who can see that masks, social distancing, lockdowns, etc. all have had negative effects while the vaccines have limited efficacy. How long are we supposed to live like this?

Behar is upset and says that people shouldn’t say “we’re over it” like it’s a break-up. It kind of is. It’s a break-up with public health officials imposing medical tyranny.

She later wondered why people were upset with mask mandates and Dr. Fauci. Simple — both are pointless because they don’t do what they say that they do and both have been shown to actually do harm. With Fauci, it’s his connection to EcoHealth and Wuhan and covering up the origin of the virus, and masks are causing learning delays in children as well as skin and dental problems.

Behar says that the unvaccinated are where variants spring from, and this is factually incorrect. They can come from both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed because these “vaccines” are leaky and don’t stop transmission. So instituting medical apartheid and vilifying the unvaxxed does nothing to make the situation better. Also, this undermines Whoopi’s “compassion” argument that society should work together to protect those who can’t get the vaccine. Behar thinks of the unvaxxed — for whatever reason — as incubators for variants.

Sara Haines

As shameful and disingenuous as Whoopi’s comments were, the alleged “centrist” on the panel who says that her midwest upbringing was “extremely conservative” has shown that she’s been psychologically damaged by the government response to COVID.

“I may never ride a subway again without a mask, I may never go indoors to big crowds and never feel comfortable without a mask,” says the apparently fit 44-year old.

She made the comments while sitting in a studio, unmasked, as the live audience and the production crew are all wearing face diapers.

Haines also said that she thinks that COVID measures are going to be the “new normal” just like the TSA after 9/11. So, just like we all still nonsensically remove our shoes at the airport, Haines thinks that we’re going to be wearing masks and showing vaccine passports for decades.

Sunny Hostin chimed in as well, but, as usual, didn’t bring all that much to the table. Although, she pushes back on what medical experts are now saying that we need to treat COVID as a seasonal illness like the flu because she’s a co-host on “The View.”

The former “Republican” Ana Navarro, who has put on a few pounds just as Whoopi has over the past couple of years, wisely sat quietly in her blue outfit looking like Violet Beauregard from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” after she chewed the gum that tasted like a three-course meal.

People have been broken and it appears that some of them are co-hosts on a daytime tv show aimed at retired feminists and wine moms.

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says Anyone Who Doesn’t Trust What Fauci Says Is A ‘Paranoiac’ (VIDEO)

The thing that they refuse to admit is that all of the mitigation measures failed. Every single time. Just like Socialism.

So, there’s only one solution — they need to hide away and remove themselves from society just like they tried to do to the unvaxxed.

If the Fauci-worshippers want to become “social incels” and remove themselves from society because of the risk of an airborne respiratory virus, then that’s fine with me. They can stay home and hide ordering from DoorDash and wiping off their Amazon deliveries with disinfectant and let the rest of us live our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done being lectured by people like that.

Have you had it with the Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf giving his pronouncements about the pandemic from on high? You’re not alone. Maybe it’s time to tell the diminutive bureaucrat who keeps moving the goalposts exactly what you think of him.

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