WATCH: Riot Police In Amsterdam Use Batons And Dogs To Shut Down Anti-Lockdown Protest

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2022

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Civil rights activists love to flatter themselves by assuming they would have been on the right side of history ‘if they were around back then’.

The same people that think they’d be on the right side of Selma, are siding with police crackdowns like what we’re seeing in the supposedly ‘Progressive’ city of Amsterdam:

Here is how the protest started — with a large banner that read, “Less Repression, More Care.”

Riot Police arrived with K9 units.

Claiming you won’t make the same bad judgments as earlier generations have is an awfully easy boast to make since nobody can put that claim to the test. We are not currently living in, for example, 1930s Germany and most people making those boasts weren’t even born in the Civil Rights era when protests were met with hoses and dogs. They are events that are tucked neatly and safely in history books.

Such boasts can only be measured against decisions made today, while we are faced with the current crop of civil rights questions.

Would you still maintain those civil rights values, no matter who is on the receiving end of police mistreatment? Or do you conveniently move the goalposts to suit your politics?

Would you stand against those same dogs and hoses when the people they are turned against have already been deemed society’s villains? Would you still stand for their right to peaceful protest when the changes they are demanding are ones you are NOT prepared to accept?

THAT is the real test. And people today have been failing it.


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