COVID Outbreak In Antarctica Among Vaccinated Scientists … Do Lockdowns REALLY Work?

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2022

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If you’re relying on ‘social distancing’ to keep the Covid away, we have some bad news for you — unless you’ve found someplace even more isolated than Antarctica, hiding from it is a fool’s errand.

What better fortress of solitude could someone trying to duck and cover their way through the Chinavirus dream up than a remote scientific station in Antarctica?

Are you looking for 100% compliance for vaccinations? They’ve got that.

Do you want rigorous screening policies? They’ve got that. They went through multiple screening and isolation protocols. Two hours before flying out from Belgium, they needed a negative PCR test. After landing in Cape Town, South Africa, they isolated for 10 days and took another test.

But you can’t too careful, right? So they took another test before they left for Antarctica, and another one 5 days later.

Of course, our readers know what happened next, don’t you?

Seven days (!) after arriving in Antarctica, someone tested positive. Isolation protocols went into effect, but by then, two others had caught it.

And in the final analysis?

Two thirds of the 25 staff based at Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught the virus, the Le Soir newspaper reported, proving there is no escape from the global pandemic. —NationalPost

Meanwhile, our experts tell us to follow ‘social distancing’, wear a mask, and get the jab — ‘or else’.

There’s not a single ‘careless’ person in this story for the COVIDictators to scapegoat. No ‘anti-vaxxers’, no Red-Hat MAGA peeps. No Gov Desantis.

Even Australia and New Zealand are not more carefully defended than this remote science station was.

Is it finally time for our ‘experts’ to throw in the towel and admit we need a more realistic plan than just hiding from it? A plan that’s more adaptable? A plan more like how humanity has historically handled all OTHER airborne infections?

They’ve already started walking back the idea that masks are a cure-all. WATCH: CNN Doc Admits Cloth Masks NEVER Worked To Stop COVID Spread — Who’s Gonna Tell Dr. Fauci?

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