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What Jordan Peterson Said About The Bible On Rogan’s Show Will Make Leftists’ Heads Explode

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Jordan Peterson is one of the left’s favorite hated boogymen precisely because he’s so effective at throwing wrenches in their worldview.

He became famous for being a professor who made a point of standing up against a ridiculous Canadian law that compelled particular uses of pronouns.

The kneejerk totalitarian left painted him as a hateful bigot. Why? Because they are unable to distinguish the difference between voluntary conventions made between private individuals, and the coercive power of government, backed by threats of punishment for noncompliance.

One of his most popular viral videos came from an interview in which he ran circles around the various traps Cathy Newman tried to trip him up with. He put on a clinic on how to deal with hostile media without losing your cool.

If we thought that he had gone ‘viral’ before, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming now that he declared open war on the University system last week. EPIC: Dr. Jordan Peterson Hints At What He Plans To Do After Leaving The University Of Toronto…

Joe Rogan, the biggest podcast on the planet, invited Dr. Peterson onto his show where they talked for four hours!

Obviously, four hours was long enough for Peterson to raise dozens of issues that would set our would-be woke overlords’ hair on fire. But one thing he said was particularly interesting. Especially when you remember that, so far as this writer knows, Peterson has always stopped just short of formally declaring himself to be a believing Christian.

On Joe Rogan’s show, Peterson used ordinary logic — the sort of logic even a secular philosopher might appreciate — to explain why words are the key to unlocking and understanding our culture, why books are foundational to the paradigm by which the West sees the world, and ultimately, how the Bible, more than all other books, is the defining feature of western culture.

It’s a big claim, but he’s not afraid to make it.

How many Christians that you know would be more comfortable in talking about an embarrassing rash than in mentioning the Bible in polite company?

Meanwhile, Dr. Peterson, who doesn’t profess to be a Christian, can go on the biggest podcast on the planet hosted by an MMA black belt, comedian, and pot aficionado, and state matter-of-factly that the culture we now enjoy wouldn’t even exist if not for that book?

Courage isn’t that difficult once you’re prepared to pay the price of standing by your convictions.

And some of the things we convince ourselves to be frightened of, are scarier in our imagination than their real-life consequences ever will be.

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