ALLEN WEST: The Leadership America Needs To Face The Biden-Era Border Invasion

Written by Wes Walker on February 26, 2022

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While America gets tied up in knots about Putin’s not-so-minor incursion in Ukraine, we seem to have forgotten that larger numbers than Putin’s are streaming across our own border, on the regular.

And they’re not coming in here with armloads of sunshine and lollipops, either. They’re here with an intent to invade. More than an intent, the invasion is well underway, with the corresponding crime and fatalities surge to show for it.

Allen West, for one, knows the Constitution’s provisions for a Governor of Texas to do something about such an invasion.

He’s not the least bit afraid to walk the patrols with those he’s calling on to defend the border, either. Because leadership is his stock and trade.

There are some things said in this interview you won’t really see on the major networks.

Did you know, for instance, that there is coordination between the cartels and the guys on our side who are supposedly enforcing the border?

And do you know there are some specific tools a Texas Governor has at his disposal to strip NGOs of certification if they’re aid and abetting an Invasion?

Allen West knows. And that’s why he has ClashDaily’s endorsement for the primaries on Tuesday. Visit West4Texas to find out more.

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