BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: 3 Hard Statistics, Taken Together, Spell INVASION (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2022

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While the world’s attention has lately been taken up by totalitarian Vladamir Putin, and his lightweight Canadian counterpart, Vladamir Poutine, problems have continued to grow at home.

In particular, the problem at the border is a fire raging out of control.

Three metrics, in particular, show that the right word to describe the state of the border is not ‘crisis’ but ‘invasion’.

The sharp rise in Apprehensions, Opioid deaths, and Fentanyl seizures.

And the cartels are becoming emboldened. There have been shootouts between the cartels and our law enforcement… and nobody in Biden’s administration seems to give a tinker’s damn about it.

Let’s keep calling what it is — an Invasion.

Better still, if you are in Texas, how about you elect someone who has been talking about using the Constitutional tools of treating it as such, bringing down the hammer on these cartels, and putting THEM on defense for a change.

Of course, we’re talking about LTC Allen West. Check out his West4Texas page, and be sure to vote in the primaries if you can.

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