Armed Heroes Out of Uniform Saved our Heroes in Blue

Written by Rob Morse on February 18, 2022

There are only a few stories. The way the particular pieces of this story come together make it remarkable. What makes it shocking is that the news media actually told us what happened. Several neighbors used their own firearms to protect two wounded police officers. The epic twist to this story is that these civilian heroes are the same people who Washington Democrats want disarmed. Art, even bad art from Hollywood, merely imitates real life.

This news happened in northwest Washington State last week. Our story starts on an ordinary weekday afternoon. A drunk neighbor fired a shotgun into the air because a next-door neighbor was cleaning up his own yard and burning scrap wood and brush. Two neighbors across the street saw the encounter and called 911.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene and approached the drunk neighbor. That was when the drunk neighbor used his shotgun to shoot the first deputy in the head. The second deputy moved in front of his wounded partner and shot at their attacker. Both deputies were now down on the ground.

That is when the two neighbors from across the street stepped in and stepped up. They took their kids inside the house and grabbed their guns. They fired on the attacker to keep him away from the deputies. As they approached the deputies, the attacker again emerged from his home and shot the second deputy. Both neighbors now returned fire and drove the attacker back into his home. A third neighbor rushed to the scene and the civilian responders protected the deputies and moved them out of the line of fire. The rescuers began treating the wounded deputies in a neighboring garage while protecting them from the drunk attacker.

A Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team arrived to contain the attacker. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) took over the care of the wounded deputies. The armed civilians gave the responding officers their name and then they went home. The drunk neighbor surrendered and was arrested.

Here is what the news doesn’t tell us. This story is the rule rather than the exception. Armed civilians defend themselves between one and two million times a year. We defend our family, our neighbors, and ourselves. We would know that if the news media buried their bias and told us the truth. Yes, the mainstream media deliberately hides the stories about the lives saved by honest gun owners, while the media trumpets the violence committed by armed criminals.

But wait, there’s more. This is where the real story takes a twist so characteristic of Hollywood dramas. This is when Washington State Democrats go on a tear to disarm honest civilians who own guns. These anti-gun politicians want honest civilians disarmed, taxed, and more highly regulated.

What the media hides is that each infringement disarms more of the good guys. The “gun safety” regulations actually give us more unarmed victims who become easy prey for newly released criminals.

Watch the video in the source material. The armed defenders were military veterans. Art imitates life, but like today’s news reporting, not very well.



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