Canadian Lawmaker Says ‘Honk, Honk’ Is Code For ‘Heil Hitler’– No, This Is Not Satire (VIDEO)

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 22, 2022

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This is your reminder that elected representatives can be just as dumb as the average Joe, and in some cases, they can be much, much dumber.

Ya’ara Saks is the Liberal Member of Parliament for York Center which is one of the ridings in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

MP Saks also appears to be one of those insane tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists that would believe that milk and the “Ok” hand sign are super-secret white supremacist dog whistles that only leftists can hear for some reason.

During the debate to approve Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act to punish Canadians who don’t want vaccine mandates and never-ending COVID restrictions, MP Saks asserted that the words “Honk, Honk” are code for “Heil Hitler.”

This is terrible news! Do you know what that means? No more “Happy Holidays” because those two words that are used together both begin with the letter H.

Ditto for “Happy Hannukkah” which is a real bummer.

Does that mean that we need to erase from history the super-secret Nazis Hugh Hefner, Harry Houdini, and Herbert Hoover?

What do we do with celebrities that are still alive like Helen Hunt and Hulk Hogan — force them to change their names or just label them neoNazis for not changing it without being told?

While we ponder these conundrums, TruAnon MP Karen Saks decided to “educate” the masses on how she knows that “Honk, Honk” — which was used frequently online by supporters of the Freedom Convoy — is code for “Heil Hitler.”

She posted a looong thread from another account explaining it all.

The thread really is quite long and filled with B.S., but this gif pretty much sums it up:

Who is the “expert” unverified account that MP Saks is using as an authoritative source?

Well, it’s a member of Antifa who writes for the leftist, feminist media organization, “Bitch Media.”


Perhaps MP Saks didn’t stop to wonder if it was a bit strange that the same people who were posting the alleged neoNazi dog-whistle phrase “Honk, Honk” over the last 3 weeks were also using the hashtag “#BlackfaceHitler” over the weekend and managing to get it to trend on Twitter worldwide. The hashtag was used only after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to escalate the situation by using an authoritarian measure to remove protesters and target their finances without warrants.

But then, that would require a milliliter of reflection from MP Saks. (It’s Canada, we don’t really do ounces here.)

Perhaps, we should have expected this from MP Saks. She has five pronouns in her bio and they are all female pronouns. She chose to make them trilingual by listing them in Hebrew, English, and French.

Of course, MP Saks was lambasted for her ridiculous assertion.

Schlicter is right. They do always look like that.

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