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Canadian Truckers Are The Friendliest Terrorists Ever — But The Crackdown Has Begun

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Trudeau’s “small, fringe minority with unacceptable views” appear to be very nice, patriotic Canadians.

Take a look:

They also don’t seem to be a “small fringe” and… not very white.

They come from all over the country — even the province of Quebec that has a strong faction that wants to separate from Canada — but they wave the Maple Leaf just the same.

This was just too much for the sleepy town of Ottawa, so on Friday, it was announced that they’d hired a crisis management firm to help deal end the protest.

It’s important to note that no politicians at the federal, provincial, or city levels have met with the organizers. A few Conservative and People’s Party of Canada politicians met with the protesters, but they don’t wield the power in Ottawa.

Instead of speaking with the leaders of the convoy, the city has decided to use the police to end the protest.

On Saturday, during a meeting of the Police Services Board, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said that the GoFundMe campaign funding the Freedom Convy was taken down at the behest of the Mayor and other Ottawa politicians. He said that they were going to cut off supplies to the truckers.

On Sunday, Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency over the peaceful protest.

And the crackdown has begun. Police are everywhere. Fuel has been confiscated from the truckers’ staging area, and people are being prevented from bringing in more fuel to them.

The Prime Minister of Canada and the heavily-government subsidized media are desperately trying to make the truckers and anyone that supports them into the villains.

As a reminder, over the past two years, the Canadian government under Trudeau has:

  • at will suspended protected rights enumerated in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • imposed lockdowns nationally and inter-provincially
  • declared an emergency for 2 years
  • suspended of the proper process of government
  • called an election 2 years after the previous election because polls were in Trudeau’s favor. It backfired and Trudeau received only 32% of the vote.
  • implemented rigorous testing and quarantining at Canadians’ expense
  • tested propaganda techniques on Canadians without authorization by the Canadian Military
  • monitored cell phone data without Canadians’ knowledge or consent to make sure they were obeying lockdowns
  • introduced a vaccine passport for travel by train, plane, or boat if international or inter-provincial
  • continues to refuse to acknowledge natural immunity from infection
  • pushes for universal vaccination for everyone age 5 and up

But according to Trudeau, the truckers are the fascists infringing on Canadians’ rights.

Meanwhile, according to Ottawa Police data, crime has gone down since the convoy arrived — no riots, injuries, or deaths have been reported in connection to the protest.

The Freedom Convoy blockade at Parliament yesterday completed its sixth day amid MPs’ claims lawless truckers were attacking passersby on the streets of Ottawa. Preliminary data show police-reported street crime actually fell since the blockade began.

“We are here out of love for our families, our communities and our nation,” blockade organizer Tamara Lich of Calgary told reporters. Lich said protests opposed to vaccine mandates were “average, peace-loving and law-abiding citizens from all walks of life” and disputed claims the blockade was lawless.

“No one from the federal, provincial or municipal government has spoken directly with us,” said Lich. “Instead they are using you, the media, to portray us as racists, misogynists and even terrorists.”

Source: Blacklock’s Reporter

As we noted in this post, there have only been 3 arrests in over a week of protest. At least two of those were locals and it’s unclear if the third was also from the region. One man was arrested for mischief, another for carrying a weapon, and the third for uttering threats. Very Canadian charges.

So, if they’re not beheading statues, smashing Starbucks windows, and beating people in the head with bike locks, what the heck are these truckers doing?

Settling in for a long protest until all COVID mandates are lifted.

To the consternation of the federal government and local law enforcement, this is a protest of people who have what we’ll call “marketable skills” — they know how to do things.

They’re also having a whole lot of fun out there after two years of lockdowns, rules, and mandates.

They’re playing street hockey right in front of the Supreme Court building and they begin with the anthem, of course:

On Friday night, they were setting up bouncy castles for the kids.

It was a party atmosphere.

On Saturday, pancakes and sausages were being cooked.

Here are the kids having fun on the bouncy castles…

…and bales of hay.

Saturday was an even bigger party…

They’ve held prayer meetings:

And fed the homeless:

They’ve inspired others to do the same.

They’re even giving out socks and clothes to keep people warm.

The horror.

Sir John, Eh!

Sir John, Eh! is ClashDaily's anonymous Canadian Correspondent who brings the Canuck perspective while reporting on what's going on in Justin Trudeau's woketopia.