CREEPY: Embalmers Concerned By Upsurge In Weird New ‘Blood Clots’ … What ARE They?

Written by Wes Walker on February 17, 2022

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Something strange and new is showing up when people are set up for embalming. At this point, we still have far more questions than answers.

Unlike some of the ‘believe the science’ folks we are not making any claims… we are only seeking answers.

Whether or not there is any correlation with certain medical practices that have been recently rolled out (and in some cases, made mandatory) remains an open question.

Whatever the cause of these strange discoveries might be, the fact that they are showing up in a large number of cases being prepped for embalming — and that not just the one embalmer has noticed — should raise concerns about (a) what it is (b) how prevalent is it (c) what are the risk factors (d) is it something that can be addressed BEFORE you find yourself on the embalmer’s work table?

We understand that any time an extraordinary claim is made, there will be questions about the authenticity of the claim and the credibility of the person making that claim.

That is why we will begin this story with social proof about the credibility of the statements and observations that will follow.

Steve Kirsch is hosting interviews with two people. First, is the short Skype call he had with Cary Watkins, who can vouch for the younger embalmer, Richard Hirschman from the second video, and has personally witnessed the anomaly that has been raising red flags.

From the video description:

Cary Watkins is an embalmer with over 50 years of experience. He knows Richard Hirschman and vouches for him. Cary has personally seen these clots himself and says they are unlike anything he’s ever seen before. Hirschman suspected the vaccine many months ago, but has only recently shared his experiences on camera. This interview is important because it shows that Hirschman had been seeing this months ago, that he is credible, and that Watkins saw it too. Watkins doesn’t use Zoom, so this was a Skype call.

Richard’s video is quite a bit longer. You will notice he is not making the mistake that so many of the scientific ‘experts’ keep making. He is not going beyond his actual knowledge.

He can describe the unusual artifacts he’s been discovering. (He has even taken photos of them.) He knows their properties and can go into some detail about the various things making them so very different from a more traditional blood clot.

He notes the recent timing of this new phenomenon looks suspicious, but he cannot definitively say there is a link to the obvious new variable.

To his knowledge, he has only seen this in people who have received the vaccine, with the exception of someone who had been receiving blood transfusions.

He has an open mind about what the actual cause might be. Just because he can’t think of any explanation besides the obvious one, he is more interested in people with a background in pathology taking an interest in it, identifying it, finding out what causes it, and, if appropriate, working toward treatments.

Richard estimates he’s spoken to about 15 colleagues about this issue, and they have all seen the same thing.

How widespread is this?

Here’s the show description for this video.

Richard Hirschman has been an embalmer for over 20 years. In 2021, he started noticing very odd blood clots that he had never seen before. In Jan 2022, 65% of his cases exhibited these clots. The only rational conclusion is that the clots, which are deadly, are all associated with the COVID vaccines. Nobody from the mainstream media or medical community wants to touch this story. It’s not just Richard who is seeing this; it is everyone in the industry he’s talked to about it. They are all seeing it, but Richard is the only person in the US (so far) willing to speak out about it.

This 53 minute video may prove to be one of the most important videos of the year.

See for more details.

It wasn’t so long ago that the media and scientists had one key thing in common: they kept asking questions until they found answers.

These days you are hard-pressed to find people in either profession willing to do that.

If there’s something weird — and new — going on in the arteries and veins of Americans, we might want to keep some close tabs on it, don’t you think?

The images will be disturbing to some of our readers, but if you want to see the photos he provided of the unusual clot-like substance, we will provide links.

The long, intact one nearly the length of a leg here.

After being rinsed, now in smaller pieces here.

One more in which all 3 pictures he took were put into one image.

Want to see the video in which those images were first shown and discussed? Find it here.

We’re making no claims. Just asking questions.

If those things really are lurking in veins — and arteries! — it sure would be nice to know what the risk factors are, and what can be done about it. Don’t you think?

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