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HEY LIZ: Can Jan 6 ‘Investigators’ Explain What’s Happening In THIS Video?

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It seems like every passing day gives us another reason to distrust the civil servants supposedly working impartially and in the interest of the nation.

Law enforcement is no exception to that trend, especially with the latest revelations from the Durham Report.

So when we see Pelosi directing Capitol Police to not answer questions to direct Congressional oversight, it makes us wonder what she’s trying to hide. Even more so when thousands of hours of video are kept under wraps as being allegedly classified.

Later, when some of those previously classified videos are released, they tend to show exactly the kind of story that makes us question the official story we’ve been told.

Like why was this guy with a Trump flag on the inside of the doors before they opened? Why did doors that wouldn’t open from the inside on the first try suddenly open on the second try after the person inside looked up and pointed to the door?

This is exactly the kind of question that either (a) has a simple answer, or (b) makes us rethink what’s been alleged about the participants from the very beginning.

We have been told that asking whether there was a ‘setup’ is the kind of question that only the tinfoil-hat-wearing nutters would wear.

Well maybe. But that was before we learned from an autopsy that officer Sicknick’s death was not attributable to violent pro-MAGA agitators, but natural causes. Despite that inconvenient fact, Sicknick’s death was used as a political cudgel throughout Pelosi’s desperate attempt to impeach Trump.

That was before we learned about charges being filed against Clinton associates for spying on President Trump both before and after he was elected President.

That was before Dinesh D’Souza filmed a movie that covered some of the same election 2020 information that formed the basis of a criminal investigation in Georgia.

We have no idea what really went down that day. We’ve only seen a small part of the information.

But that’s exactly the point. It’s all ANY of us have seen… so how could anyone in the press, right, left, or indifferent, say that we conclusively know?

We need more information. And the people in a position to answer those questions are NOT interested in transparency.

Video like this one makes us wonder what agenda they’ve been hiding all along.

A cynical person might point out that even Democrats realized that Jan 6 was an important day on the calendar. Remember John Podesta war gaming the election in August of 2020? USA Today reported on that, including a possible Civil War in which ‘Biden’ (played by Podesta) would refuse to accept the electoral result. Near the end of the article was this gem that the left would like us all to forget.

Under federal law, electors meet Dec. 14 to provide their states’ votes for president and vice president. Congress then convenes Jan. 6 to count them. Historically, it’s a formality, but conflicting slates would put Congress squarely in the middle of a fight.

Edward Foley, a legal consultant for the war games, said the “real risk” would arise if Congress is divided, as it is today. He envisioned a situation where Vice President Mike Pence, as president of the Senate, says the vote is complete and Trump has been re-elected and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it is not.

“If it turns out that there’s real partisan fighting in the battleground states after election night, that could become very complicated,” said Foley, an election law professor at Ohio State University. — USAToday [emphasis added]

The left saw that date as the last legitimate window to contest results… and they have unsuccessfully done so in the past.

If Jan 6 was such a Constitutionally significant day to people who didn’t even shy away from spying on a sitting President to destroy his presidency, is it really such a stretch to believe they would have been willing to sabotage the lawful proceedings of the day in an effort to preserve Biden’s Presidency?

We know the Dems have long been all-in on power at any cost. All we are asking is for the evidence to show whether or not insiders had any role in the catastrophic events that followed … and if so, who were they working with/for?

That leads to the obvious follow-up question: what (if anything at all) is being done about it.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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