GHOULISH: Beto’s Pro-Abort Argument Is Based On What’s ‘Good For Business’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 13, 2022

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Remember when abortion was held up as a necessary evil that should be ‘safe legal and rare’? That was yesteryear’s Dem. Today’s are getting bold in their callousness.

It doesn’t matter if abortion has achieved Margret Sanger’s eugenicist goal of erasing millions of lives of ‘unfit’ minorities, keeping them from ever seeing the light of day.

That doesn’t bother Robert Francis O’Rourke at all. He is a big supporter of abortion. The more, the better.

Here he is talking about the recent Texas abortion law. You will notice he doesn’t object to Texas passing a law that draws the ‘wrong’ line of viability on where life ought to be preserved, offering some other metric of when life in the womb should be preserved.

He makes no mention of the fact that aside that outside of North America, abortion laws are much different. 47 of 50 European countries cap abortion at 15 weeks. Only 7 countries in the world allow abortion after 20 weeks.

Besides ourselves, that list includes Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and North Korea. As of 24 weeks, Netherlands drops off that list.

Canada never could agree on setting any abortion laws despite their Supreme Court telling them to replace the old ones with better ones, so they only have unfettered abortion because of gutless politicians, not because any positive laws were passed to make that so.

That puts Beto and the Democrat’s abortion policy — which they claim is philosophically rooted in ‘human rights’ firmly in line with such shining examples of human rights as Singapore, Vietnam, China, and North Korea.

While ranting against Texas’ law preventing abortions at the point where a fetal heartbeat can be detected… you’ll notice he doesn’t argue that ‘life hasn’t begun yet’. In fact, he doesn’t give any thought to the unborn child at all.

He makes THIS case:

Abortion is bad for business, Bobby? It’s a lot more than that.

More to the point, Planned Parenthood is one of the Democrat Party’s biggest financial backers. Tell the truth, O’Rourke, your real objection to this law is that it’s bad for DEMOCRATS and your income stream.

He thinks Abbott has enough baggage that a Democrat can take him down in Texas. Is Abbott truly dinged-up enough that a Democrat could take him down? It’s possible.

But there’s someone else on the ballot who isn’t carrying the baggage that Abbott brings with him. Someone who unflinchingly represents Constitutional rights and Conservative values.

That man is LTC Allen West, as you can see in his West4Texas site.

Could Beto win in a head-to-head matchup against West? We’d love to see him try.

We think West would go through that simpering soy-boy like a Mack Truck.

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