HEARTBREAKING: Mother Who Lost Two Sons During Pandemic Explains Why She’s Protesting In Ottawa (VIDEO)

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 9, 2022

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“I want the government the hell out of my life. They murdered my children.”

This woman says that her son Jake, 34, died on New Year’s Day 2021 of a fentanyl overdose and left behind a one-year-old daughter. Seven months later, her 36-year old son also died of fentanyl poisoning.

She blasted the people cheering on the lockdowns and restrictions, “All of you who have supported these lockdowns, you have blood on your hands. Blood.”

This grieving mom reminds Ottawa residents annoyed with the honking that her life has been changed forever and her concerns fell on deaf ears… until now.

She has a message to the residents of Ottawa:

To the people of Ottawa — all of you that have been supporting us, and there have been many, many, many — from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. And to all of the ones who have been annoyed with me, coming to my capital city and are annoyed by the horns, well, when we leave, the horns will leave and your life will go back to normal. My life will never go back to normal. My life has been changed and altered forever.

She says she drove across the country to protest in her capital city and is staying for the “long haul.”

The Prime Minister of Canada and his Corporate Media lackeys continue to present blue-collar Canadians as a “fringe minority with unacceptable views” for daring to say that they’ve had enough of the restrictions and mandates and want to return to normal life after 2 years of trauma.

Trudeau has smeared everyone who has supported the Freedom Convoy as racists, misogynists, anti-science, and likened them to insurrectionists and terrorists.

Does this sound like a terrorist to you?

Watch this heartbroken mother in her own words talk about how her two sons in their 30s slipped into despair and died of fentanyl poisoning because of the government response to the pandemic.

She says that her sons had all their supports were taken away from them along with their jobs because of lockdowns and they fell back into drug use after doing well overcoming it.

This is video is cued up from Viva Frei’s 4-hour YouTube livestream on February 8. It’s around 2 and a half hours into his walk around Ottawa.

This isn’t left versus right as much as it is up versus down — the working class is being told what to do and what restrictions they are under by the privileged elites on both sides of the aisle who flout the rules and live their lives as they please.

God bless her for standing up and showing the cost of the lockdowns borne by the “essential workers” who don’t have the option to work from home. These costs have been hidden by the Corporate Media who are cheerleaders for the regime and look down with disdain at anyone who dares to question the government’s response to the pandemic.

There is a reason that the Western world had shunned the idea of lockdowns in their pandemic plans until this one — there is a cost to them and it’s one that is very, very high.

Maybe listening to the protesters camped out on Parliament’s doorstep in the bitter cold would be a better plan than smearing them all as bigots who are “out of step” with the pajama-clad laptop class living in downtown Ottawa who can still earn a paycheck while working from home over Zoom.

What the Ottawans outraged over the truckers downtown don’t seem to realize is that the virus isn’t the only thing that kills people, and governments around the world seem to have forgotten that, too.

The devastation from the lockdowns will be felt for years after this Wuhan virus becomes endemic.

This woman’s story is a reminder that the lockdowns have cost many, many lives and devasted those that are left behind. Everyone needs to see this. Please share everywhere.

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