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WATCH: SWAT Arrests Pastor Artur To Stop Him From Speaking At Trucker Protest

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It wasn’t long after Pastor Artur made his impassioned speech to the truckers at the border blockade that the cops proved the truth of his words.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who had already shown bigger stones than most natural-born Canadians by defying the edicts of the state to shut down his church services to comply with arbitrary Chinavirus mandates, getting arrested in the process, was harassed and arrested by police yet again.

Just a few days ago, he addressed the truckers at that strike, encouraging them to be bold, to stand strong, and not fear the penalty of unjust arrest by the Gestapo. He knows first-hand the power of resisting a tyrant, since he emigrated to Canada for Poland where the citizens of Poland took a stand against their Soviet overlords.

Now that he’s living in Canada, he’s not afraid of standing strong in that same fight, or of encouraging others to peacefully resist in precisely the same fashion… even if it comes at a price.

Canadian authorities don’t like the fact that he’s been undermining their Covid campaign of fear and control and are using the only tool they know how to use — brute force and intimidation.

Here they are descending on his house in a group and arresting Pastor Artur for the ‘crime’ of ‘mischief’.

Normally, the average person might think mischief involves things like smashing windows or setting fires or other petty criminal acts. But he hasn’t done anything of the sort.

What do we know so far? This was a pre-emptive arrest to prevent his speaking to the truckers at the border blockade.

Well, for one thing, there’s a real ‘Minority Report’ vibe to it.

For another, he was arrested by undercover SWAT.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested once again by police at his Calgary home this morning, just as he was set to leave to speak before a crowd of pro-freedom protesters in Milk River, Alberta.

According to Artur Pawlowski’s son, the arrest was made by an undercover SWAT team that had staked out his home. —RebelNews

Rebel News is pretty much the only Canadian news outlet left that isn’t taking some kind of government handouts, and that independence comes through in their reporting. They’ve been backing freedom from over-reach and mandates from the beginning and have been helping organize funding for the legal defense of anyone defying the COVIDicators in particular, several pastors.

The cops arresting Pawlowski obviously haven’t given a moment’s thought to the compelling words of Cpl Bulford’s resignation from working on Trudeau’s protective detail, or the oath that compelled his resignation. HERO STUFF: Trudeau’s Personal Police Protector Resigns Rather Than Enforce Lawless Mandates (VIDEO)

Nor have they given a moment’s thought to the awkward detail of a lawsuit being brought against the government over mandates, by the only living signatory of the Supreme Law of Canada … the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

FREEDOM CONVOY: The Damning Court Case Trudeau Doesn’t Want Anyone Talking About (VIDEO)

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