HEY MANDATERS: Did You Hear About Pfizer And Biden’s BIG Child Vax SNAFU?

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2022

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If science is a never-ending refinement of what we know by asking probing questions, why do so many unthinking drones get upset when we ask ‘the experts’ probing questions?

The entire argument for denouncing ‘misinformation’ is, in part, an effort to silence the questions of people wanting a more complete picture of what can be known before they make a decision about what they will put into their body, and why.

Back before we were bludgeoned into monolithic conformity, this process used to be called ‘informed consent’, and was the bedrock of ethical medicine.

We’re not supposed to question the vaccine, because that might make people hesitant to take it. But also, we must not ask questions about why Pfizer was in court trying to conceal the data for something like the next 75 years.

To put that in perspective, 75 years ago, it was 1947… seven years BEFORE the first use of an innovative morning sickness medication named Thalidomide. If you don’t know the name of that medication, look it up, it makes for fascinating reading. If Thalidomide played by those rules, we’d not be seeing their research until 2029.

The judge scrapped that 75-year hold in the data. But Pfizer is back in court with a smaller ask. They now want the study sealed for ‘only’ 55 years… which is still long after anyone connected to the study, and most who may potentially have suffered medical side effects … will be dead and gone.

We’re supposed to believe the science, while they continue to put their own work under a cloud of secrecy.

It makes you wonder if there’s a reason they don’t want us looking too closely at their work. Were shortcuts taken in the research? And if so, which shortcuts, precisely, were taken?

Keep that question in mind as we look at some alarming mistakes made in the process of pushing Pfizer on our children, with Biden’s blessing.

The Biden administration is facing controversy over its acceptance of Pfizer-BioNTech’s application to authorize the COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5 without showing completed clinical trial data, and officials are now scrambling to convince the public that the accelerated process is not sacrificing science.

Pfizer-BioNTech submitted part of its application to the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday to authorize a 3-microgram-dose COVID-19 vaccine for children under five. The company had initially tested a two-dose regimen in children but announced in December that adding a third dose would be necessary to prompt an immune response. But the clinical trial data to support the authorization of a three-dose regimen is missing results from administering the third dose, causing concern that the agency is sacrificing science for expediency.

While Pfizer does not expect to have clinical trial data for third doses until April, the FDA will not wait until the data is complete to review safety and efficacy data for the first two shots. Now, the agency is on the defensive.

“We want to set the record straight on the recent developments on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for children 6 months through 4 years of age,” Food and Drug Administration spokesman Michael Felberbaum wrote on Wednesday. “Nothing has changed about our process for evaluating COVID-19 vaccines and we are not changing our rigorous scientific standards.” —WashingtonExaminer

Remember the criticism of Afghanistan failing because it was a political decision angling for a 20th Anniversary of 9/11 photo op rather than a carefully planned exit?

Has Biden been caught doing the same sort of thing in fast-tracking vaccinations for children, who have consistently been the lowest risk group for Covid from the beginning?

The Biden administration urged Pfizer-BioNTech to submit the data it had on two doses in the hope of getting a jump on pediatric vaccinations while additional data from the third dose roll in. The rapid spread of the omicron variant, which has also proven adept at infecting even fully vaccinated people, necessitated the accelerated review process, the Biden administration argued.

…The FDA’s move to push the company to submit data on a rolling basis was an unusual one. It is customary for the agency to require drugmakers to submit all available clinical trial data before considering authorization. Pfizer has kept clinical trial data under wraps from the public, instead offering a truncated explanation of trial results in a press release.

Some doctors have questioned the agency’s reasoning for accepting data on a rolling basis, noting that scientists are placing too much weight on that third shot to make the vaccine regimen effective. — —WashingtonExaminer

Countries around the world have already been making a decision to return to life as normal.

Why would Biden, at this late stage in the game, still be trying to stick needles in the arms of children? Especially when we have seen examples of children getting jabbed with adult doses.

Is this motivated by fear? By power? Or is it as simple as putting more money in the hands of Big Pharma and Big Pharma investors?

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