LMAO: Tucker’s Savage Roasting Of CNN’s Troubles Left Hannity In Tears (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 4, 2022

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It’s only fitting for the failing news network that can’t go a day without lashing out at Tucker Carlson to take their turn getting whacked. (So to speak.)

In a super-sized serving of shadenfreude, Tucker took a moment to recognize the passing of the torch between CNN’s Dwarf-King and Zucker’s yet-to-be-named successor.

He even suggested who that possible successor might be.

What followed after that was an absolutely devastating barrage of double-entendres mocking one of the publicly disgraced CNN personalities that they somehow decided to keep around.

And true to brand, Tucker delivered this sarcasm-heavy comedy bit with characteristic deadpan earnestness.

Hannity couldn’t keep it together and was wiping tears from his eyes at the hand-off.

Even Tucker burst out laughing at the end of it. He came *this* close to finishing his show with a straight face, too.

Have you noticed the dominoes keep falling?

There was Andrew Cuomo, then Chris, now members of CNN management. Even Hunter Biden and some of the Impeachment accusers have been exposed by ‘credible allegations’ relating to Ukraine and the attempted takedown of Trump.

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