NYC MAYOR: Bloomberg Wanted Your Big Gulps, The New Guy’s Gunning For Your Steak

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2022

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What is it about the political DNA of Democrat politicians that makes them think they were given the job to be our collective mom and dad?

Is it because fools like Chris Rock that have come out in public and said things like Barack and Michelle are like America’s mom and dad and you should listen to them? (No really, he actually said that.) I’m sure he felt exactly the same way when DJT was sworn in, right?

We all laughed at Bloomberg when he tried to outlaw the Big Gulp from NYC. We intuitively understood what the billionaire ‘genius’ did not. He manifestly lacked any authority to ban them.

It took a court ruling for the future Presidential ‘contender’ to finally figure that out.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial plan to keep large sugary drinks out of restaurants and other eateries was rejected by a state appeals court on Tuesday, which said he had overstepped his authority in trying to impose the ban. Reuters

Fast forward to the current mayor of NYC.

Rather than asking the mayor something substantial about policy in a presser, one reporter pitched a softball gossip question about his diet, and whether he eats fish or other animal proteins. The Mayor’s response inadvertently turned the question into what Rush Limbaugh used to call a ‘random act of journalism’.

For background, interest in having Hissonner explain the ‘rules’ of his diet probably stemmed from the fact that someone had ‘outed’ him for eating fish.

The Democrat — who wrote a book promoting his plant-based lifestyle and rolled out “Vegan Fridays” in New York City public schools — admitted Monday he occasionally eats fish.

The new mayor was reeled into making the admission after Politico reported over the weekend that he had been ordering fish at restaurants. — Telegraph

Now, in Eric Adams, we’ve got a New York Mayor who is very excited about his personal lifestyle choices and his plant-based diet. Ok fine, Eric, you like plant food. Yay for you. Knock yourself out.

He replied that he wasn’t going to be roped into a conversation about did he follow his own strict dietary rules. Ho-hum.

But that’s not the part of his quote that matters. Listen to the last thing he says in this clip.

“… Listen, I’m not doing that. That’s noise to me. I gotta get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered diet.”

I gotta get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered diet.

Let’s look back at that Telegraph quote for a minute: …and rolled out “Vegan Fridays” in New York City public schools…

So let’s get this straight. He has a private moral conviction about what foods to eat, and is using his private morality to drive public policy?

He thinks he gets to tell New Yorkers how to live their lives… ‘because he said so’? Look, I’m no New Yorker, but from what I know about the city, I’m pretty sure that approach is a non-starter.

Imagine the uproar if you just changed one detail of his ‘meatless Friday’.

What if he said he implemented it because of his private Catholic convictions. UH-OH!

It would be exactly the same policy. It would STILL be stemming from a private moral conviction not shared by the multitude — just like his version of vegan Fridays. Would New Yorkers have been ok with that, or would they brand him a bigot?

What if he had banned, say, pork for private religious reasons? No bueno, right? But his secular morality — which occupies the very same place in a person’s identity as one’s religious morality — can be literally forced down the throats of all New Yorkers?

I’m sure the restaurants — Steak Houses, for instance — that actually survived De Blasio’s lockdowns will be thrilled that Adams is happy to take their tax dollars while encouraging New Yorkers not to eat there. Because the Biden economy hasn’t beaten them down enough already, right?

Democrats love to accuse Republicans of having some sort of an ‘authoritarian’ streak. And yet, for the most part, even executive orders put out by our guys survive court challenges.

On the other hand, the left insists on micromanaging every part of our life… from ramping up fuel costs so we can’t use the vehicles we own, to legislating the size of a toilet tank, to gun ownership, to pushing the left’s politicized view of history that pits racial groups against each other as good guys and bad guys.

Lacking the Constitutional authority to do something never seems to bother Democrats. Obama knew he had no legal authority to sign his Dreamers EO — he had previously said so — but he did it anyway. Biden did the same with the Eviction moratorium, his OSHA vax mandate workaround, and Psaki’s disgustingly unconstitutional habit of leaning on Big Tech to censor internet voices that challenge approved Democrat narratives.

There’s a phrase that describes the pattern of Democrats blaming Republicans for sins to which they themselves are deeply committed — ‘confession by projection’.

We just need to keep calling them on it until the public is able to see their true nature. Like what happened with CNN.

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