Remembering The Heroic Defiance Of The Ukranians On Snake Island

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2022

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***update*** As inspiring as this story may have been, and how Ukraine leaders had affirmed the posthumous decorations their soldiers would get, reports are at least plausible that they did, in fact surrender to the Russian ship. ***end update***

Courage, it has been often said, is not a lack of fear, but the will to act even in the face of fear.

The men in this exchange had every reason to be afraid. They were in a no-win situation. They were 13 lightly-armed men on a remote island outpost, with a Russian warship offering them an impossible choice. Surrender and live, or refuse and die anyway.

They didn’t have long to decide. They didn’t need long.

Their answer was unequivocal in its clarity.

It’s easy enough to wave flags that say ‘live free or die’.

These brave men lived it.

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