Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act To End Trucker Protest — Gets Blasted By Canadian Civil Liberties Group

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 15, 2022

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It seems like a pretty big step to deal with a “small, fringe minority with unacceptable views.”

Prime Minister Justin Castro Trudeau has invoked the 1988 Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history.

The Emergencies Act is the replacement for the War Measures Act that was only used three times in Canadian history — during World War I, World War II, and once in peacetime by Trudeau’s father in 1970. Pierre Trudeau invoked the act to quell during the FLQ crisis — a group of violent Quebec separatists who planted hundreds of bombs in mailboxes, 6 people were killed by the bombings, kidnapped officials, terrorized churches, and killed a Quebec politician.

The War Measures Act suspended certain civil liberties in cases of emergency. In 1970, Trudeau deployed the Canadian Military into the streets of Montreal.

Now, Trudeau’s son has invoked the Emergencies Act which is a pared-down version of the War Measures Act, which many found after the 1970 invocation to be too heavy-handed. The new Act must adhere to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — but we’ve seen how this Liberal government has largely ignored the Charter throughout the pandemic. This is especially true of the vaccine requirement that bridges the Charter-protected right to travel between provinces and into and out of Canada.

He is doing this because he wants to end the trucker protests that are popping up all over Canada in opposition to the harsh pandemic response in Canada that includes vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

Trudeau has refused to meet with protesters or hear their concerns and has instead dismissed anyone who disagrees with him on this issue as “racist, misogynists, who are anti-science.”

Trudeau made the announcement of invoking the Emergencies Act on Monday afternoon.

Weird that he’s choosing to do that after the Ambassador Bridge was cleared on Sunday.

FREEDOM CONVOY UPDATE: The Empire Strikes Back (Video)

It’s an unprecedented step to take to end a peaceful protest when the government hasn’t even sent mediators to meet with the leaders of the protest.

The act gives the government temporary powers it does not normally have, such as the power to impose special restrictions on public assembly and travel, and to mobilize federal support for local and provincial police. It gives the federal government power to implement temporary measures to ensure safety and security during national emergencies.

A declaration of a public welfare emergency allows the government to regulate the distribution of essential goods, decide what are essential services, and impose fines on violations of the act. It sets out a compensation scheme for those who suffer damages as a result of its application.
Source: Reuters

Because it is a tool of last resort and can confer unbelievable power on the government, there is a very high standard to meet in order to invoke the Emergencies Act.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has awakened from their two-year slumber and said that Trudeau didn’t meet the high bar required to invoke the Act.

The Premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec all oppose Trudeau invoking emergency measures.

Trudeau insists that the invocation of the Act will only be “temporary” and in used in certain geographic locations. He also rejects the idea of sending in the military to remove protesters.

Perhaps even he realizes that sending armed troops to end the Bouncy Castle Terrorist Rebellion of 2022 isn’t a good look.

Canadian Truckers Are The Friendliest Terrorists Ever — But The Crackdown Has Begun

So, what will invoking the Emergencies Act allow the government to do? Several things…

The government will use the act to force towing companies to remove big rigs and other vehicles that are blocking highways and other critical infrastructure.

It will also be used establish zones where public assembly is not allowed, and require banks to suspend or freeze accounts suspected of supporting the blockades, including those belonging to companies whose trucks are part of the convoy.

One of the main organizers behind the truckers’ protest in Ottawa, now in its third week, said members are not going anywhere, and will “hold the line” in the face of the act.
Source: Global News

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (and World Economic Forum board member) explained that the government is now also going after the funding of the protest.

Crowdfunding and cryptocurrency platforms will have to register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and report “suspicious” activity to the government.

But honestly… we’re not exactly sure since it’s never been invoked before.

As journalist Anthony Furey explains, Canada is now subject to the whims of Justin Trudeau.

The response has been interesting.

Tamara Lich, the Métis woman who is one of the Freedom Convoy organizers, said that the truckers are going to “Hold The Line.”

And the President of El Salvador has also weighed in…

Of course, Canadians should have seen it coming. Trudeau has been effusive in his praise of the late Fidel Castro, and adores China’s “basic dictatorship.”

This guy got 32% of the vote in the last election and he’s acting like a dictator.

The leftwing Trudeau government is supported in the quashing of the “workers’ rebellion” by the far-left New Democratic Party led by Jagmeet Singh.

It looks as though the left in Canada has abandoned the working class.

They’ve essentially given banks carte blanche to freeze accounts with no warrant of dissidents to the regime, suspend their insurance, and prevent them from using cryptocurrencies to oppose government overreach.

The next election should be interesting.

Sir John, Eh!
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