Trump And Biden: Which OT Leaders Do They Most Resemble?

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2022

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Instead of going on a subjective flight of fancy by comparing modern leaders against historical personalities, let’s compare their policies.

The Trump comparison has already been made for us in response to his very pro-Israel policies. He’s been compared to Cyrus the Great, the foreign-born leader of an empire that helped Israel return home at the end of their captivity.

Trump was the most pro-Israel President since Israel first became a nation. He recognized Jerusalem as their historical capital, and his administration helped open a way for the Abraham Accords to move forward into the most notable peace treaty in modern times.

Alright then, who would we compare Biden’s policies to? That one’s a little harder, but his border policy provides a clue.

While Trump has cared about the preservation of Israel and the local interests of individual nations, Biden is absolutely indifferent to borders and local interests… starting with our own.

In fact, if you watch his handling of our border, and the redistribution of large populations there are not one, but two historical figures to compare him to… and they both correspond with Israel going into captivity.

Israel’s Northern Kingdom was carried away by the Assyrian tyrant Tiglath-Pileser III, And the rest were carried away by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar.

They both used population movements as a way to demoralize and control populations. They wanted to dilute the natural bonds of national affection and subjugate them to a generalized allegiance to the wider empire.

If you watch Biden’s policies, he has been antithetical to the America First agenda Trump had put forward. In its place is belief in a mythical global community and trust in globalist organizations that have failed us time and again.

The year-long invasion on our Southern border serves no genuine national or legal interest. It’s a refusal to recognize American laws and borders, serving an agenda of changing who we are as a people.

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