WATCH: Driver Deliberately Hits 4 Protesters In One Of The Many Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 5, 2022

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It looks like a few of the zealots who adore the pandemic restrictions have been a wee bit radicalized.

Who knew that telling people through “nudge units”, unauthorized propaganda by the military, and the Prime Minister vilifying people opposing government pandemic mandates as vectors of disease, racists, sexists, and every other -ist and -phobe out there? It’s not like we’ve ever seen a regime — in say, the 1930s — turn everyday citizens against their neighbors before, right?

Trudeau has told Canadians to marginalize the unvaccinated — they should not be tolerated in Canadian society because — get this — they put the vaccinated at risk. Trudeau has called the unvaxxed racists, misogynists, science-deniers, and insisted that they are violent. Many in Canadian media have said that the trucker protest is a dangerous powder keg of anarchist weirdos and wingnuts that will explode into an “insurrection.” The Tru-Anon zealots heard this and have become radicalized.

And now, one man has committed an act that we’ve seen among domestic terrorists like in Waukesha by the BLM supporter and D.C. by the Nation of Islam devotee.

On Friday evening, a man in a Jeep accelerated as his vehicle approached the “Freedom Convoy” protest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and hit several protesters. All suffered from minor injuries. Three were treated at the scene and another was treated at the hospital and later released.

Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver said Saturday that a man had been arrested after four people were injured when a vehicle reportedly drove through a group of protesters that were part of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrating near the Manitoba legislature. He said the vehicle fled from the area but police eventually stopped it and arrested the driver, who is facing multiple charges including assault. Three of the injured were treated on scene, and the fourth was treated at hospital but released.
Source: Global News

The driver has not yet been named. Photographs captured at the scene show that the driver was alone in the Jeep and was wearing a mask.

Police say that his motives are unclear and that the driver has stated that it’s not about the mandates, but he was also resisting arrest at the time.

It’s interesting to note that he’s not being charged with attempted murder despite videos that show that it was a deliberate act. Weird, isn’t it?

Here is Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver’s statement to the press.

The protest that began in Ottawa on January 29 has spread to the Alberta/Montana border and other cities across Canada and around the world with truckers in Italy, Finland, Australia, and the Netherlands creating their own convoys. There are also plans to have a convoy in the United States head to D.C. and in Europe to protest at the headquarters of the European Union.

Here is what the protest was looking like in Winnipeg before protesters were mown down.

For those of you who don’t use metric, -35 degrees Celsius with Wind Chill (WC) is -31 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is some kind of commitment to protest in that kind of cold!

Do you think that this sort of thing might have had something to do with the 4 people hit by a mask-wearing dude in a Jeep?

Did the Prime Minister of Canada radicalize his Tru-Anon followers so much that one has committed an act of domestic terrorism because he believed the words of his Dear Leader?

It’s getting pretty rough out there for those who love freedom over tyranny — even in the polite country of Canada.

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Sir John, Eh!
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